You cannot fix your health with just food alone.

Cannot fix your health issue with food alone

Yes, of course food is important (obviously, I teach nutrition and food!), but it’s just one piece and if you only focus on just this one piece, you will not get the lasting health results you want, whether that’s weight loss, digestion, sleep, alleviating other symptoms, etc.⁣
Until you address other aspects of your life, and figure out the best way to manage them in a healthy way, which usually involves a major mental shift…you will not get lasting results.⁣

I just finished my personalized 6 month program with a client who had dramatic changes in her hormones and autoimmune disease symptoms, by focusing on so much more than just food (actually I think we discussed food the least!). After we addressed her stress pain points, digestion and sleep…everything she was suffering with health-wise dramatically got better. Like finally getting regular periods again, regular bowel movements, dramatic decrease in inflammation on her body, etc. All in less than 6 months! It was amazing to see her transformation!

It just further proves the point that if there is a piece of your life that you are not satisfied with and causing you stress, it will influence your overall health. So until its addressed, it will not matter how good your diet is, you will most likely not see the results you seek long-term. EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING.

I explain more about this below!

Other than the “perfect diet,” what is one aspect of your life that you know deep down needs to get better? (Better work environment, more fulfilling or lucrative job, better relationships, more time for you?⁣).

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