About me

Let me guide you!

My name is Lia and I am both a nutrition instructor and coach! I have been teaching nutrition for more than 8+ years and personally health coaching for 4 of them! I have two degrees in chemistry and a certification in holistic health and nutrition from IIN.

My specialty is combining science and holistic practices to ensure my students and clients are successful in their health journey. I am really good at breaking down complicated health and science concepts into easy ways for people to understand and showing them how implement them into their lives!!

My personal health journey started 15 years ago when I was juggling a busy career, commuting 2 hours a day, and having no time to myself, let alone try to figure out health habits that would help me lose weight, stop my constant heart palpitations, fix my hormones, and cure my cystic acne.

The epiphany moment came when I finally learned the science behind food. In particular, the science behind eating fat!! Yes, fat!! When I learned that every single cell in your body needs fat, and your hormones need fat, I began experimenting with my own diet.

I added ALL the fat into my diet. (Butter, yes! Avocados! Yes! Coconuts! Yes, please!)

Suddenly, the sugar cravings were gone, my weight started to stabilize, my hormones regulated and my face completely cleared up!!


At that time, my career as a professor also started (whole other story!).

After seeing my students lives get transformed by just learning the science behind food, I wanted to take this outside of the classroom.

So, I went back to school, got certified as a nutrition coach and opened shop!

Now my passion is to make this information accessible to anyone who needs it!

What my Clients Are Saying

“Working with Lia helped get me on a path to a deeper understanding of my own happiness, my body’s needs, my inner workings, and stuff that easily falls to the wayside when we’re all trying to rush around and get stuff done.”

Amanda B.

“She listens to create a program that works for you, and draws up a plan for the specific needs you have. She tailored the program to help my specific needs and goals. She brought goals to the surface I had buried inside.”


Not ready to commit? No problem!