About me


My name is Lia and was a chemist (perhaps still is?), and now a holistic coach. I specialize in helping people achieve their health goals by using a combination of science and holistic practices. I have found that when people know exactly what their body is doing, how their body handles food, how every other aspect of their lives also impacts their bodies, it creates a ripple effect and confidence to be able to achieve success in both health and also life.

I know this because I was my first client.

It took me 10 years of my own learning, fumbling, multiple diets, and basically just trial and error to get to this place (check this post out to see my full journey!). Once, I figured out the science of how my body works and what food is actually doing (on a chemical level), all the pieces started to come into place.

In my previous life, I worked as an industry chemist (who secretly studied nutrition on the side). I left because it was that competitive working environment that triggered all my unhealthy habits and therefore impacted my health in a big way (The constant stress triggered unhealthy eating patterns, weight gain, heart palpitations, and hormone imbalances and me just feeling crappy, unwell and miserable all the time).

Once I left, and finally put myself first, everything changed. Once that stress was gone, I was able to think clearly, eat better, and a domino effect occurred: All my other health issued disappeared too.

This led to me going back to school and getting certified at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be a holistic health coach and then starting my business to help others.

I now use my experience and knowledge to help others, so they do not have to struggle or be lost anymore, like I was (because it sucks not feeling good about yourself and not knowing what to do!).

So, thank you for being here!