The best way to navigate sugar cravings

How do I navigate sugar cravings?

This is the biggest thing I get asked by my clients. 

My follow-up question is usually, “when do you notice that you have them?” 

Because in order to navigate them, you first need to figure out what is triggering them.

Usual culprits: Stress, lack of sleep, poor food choices. 

Many people reach for sugary things when they are tired, or stressed or both.

Many people reach for sugary things when they are still hungry! 

I noticed this with myself lately!

In order to figure out how to beat your sugar cravings, you need to first figure out why you are getting them and then fix that issue first.

Can’t just ignore a craving, because that is our body telling us that we need something, whether that’s nutrition (more food! Or more energy!), or just comfort.

I help my clients figure out their triggers and then help them find healthy ways to navigate them, in order to stop the cravings first.

What times do you notice yourself craving sugar?

Watch below to hear more about this topic!

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