Master Your Life Using Nutrition



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Master Your Life Using Nutrition!

The Ultimate Course to Help You Level Up Your Life by Leveling Up Your Nutrition

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Learn the science behind nutrition + how to apply it so you can finally live a happy healthy lifestyle!

What to Expect

This is an 8-Week Course that is created to teach you the science behind nutrition + transformational personal development lessons! If you understand nutrition then it becomes easier to apply it! Once it becomes easier to apply then you are on the road to a happy lifestyle, where you are a more confident and motivated YOU!

Learn nutrition by taking the course > Apply what you learn from the course > Gain confidence in life to be happier!

1 Live Session/week

No pre-recorded here! All my sessions will be live to give you the best learning experience possible!

(Replays will be available if you miss it live!)

1 Additional Live Q&A Session/Week

Have questions about what you learned? I will be hosting an additional session to answer them all!

A Free Workbook

A free printable for you to take with you! A place to store all your notes, homework, and journaling!

Weekly Homework Assignments

Putting what you learned that week into action! Healthy Habits will be formed immediately for lasting results.

Weekly Journaling Prompts

Most important! By combining personal development with nutrition will guarantee long-term success!

A Members-Only Facebook Group

A place to watch the videos, and have discussions with me and the rest of the class for even more support!

1 Free Private 50-min Coaching Session

As a certified Integrative Health Coach, my favorite part is making sure I can help you any way that I can. So this session is designed to ensure you are on the path for success. We can discuss any health or personal problem of your choosing.

Usual rate: $149/session

Session fee: $0 !

Optional Private Coaching Sessions at a Special Discount Rate!

Since, the road to healthy and successful looks different for everyone, I am offering my private coaching sessions at a heavily discounted rate for all my attendees of this course!

(This special price can be use both during and up to 6 months after the course is over)

Usual rate: $149/session

Attendees Special 50% rate: $74 / session!

Starts November 9, 2021

Original Price: $369

Presale Price: $349

Learn How to Use Food To:

Plus Much More including:

Increased productivity

More confidence to do the scary things

More motivated to get work done 

Decrease in procrastination

Decrease in Brain fog 

Decrease in Bloating

Decrease in Digestive Discomfort

Improved Sleep

Improved Daily Energy 

Why I made this Course:

After teaching Nutrition for 7 years at a nearby University, I really wanted to bottle up all the best parts of that course (the stuff people actually wanted to know about) and teach it on my own. I was all set to launch…

and then I had a big epiphany….

So scrapped it, started over and made it even BIGGER.

I didn’t just want to teach nutrition. I wanted to teach nutrition and HOW to apply it to your life. How you NEED nutrition to LEVEL UP your life. How closely nutrition is tied to your OVERALL SUCCESS in life.

When you put the focus back into nutrition, learn the ins and outs of how your body uses nutrients, you learn how to eat freely and openly. When you feel better, because you are now nourishing your body, you feel lighter, the fog lifts, and your confidence SOARS!

When you have this abundance of confidence, you suddenly DO amazing things that you previously never thought was possible.

The WORLD opens up to you.

You become more motivated. Your become more successful. You ultimately become your BEST self.

That is what this course is about. That is what I will give you at the end of just two short months.

What are you waiting for?! Join me!!

  • Week 1: How to achieve motivation/ Why studying nutrition is so important
  • Week 2: Gut Health/Gratitude exercises
  • Week 3: Carbohydrates and Sugar/ How to Improve Sleep
  • Week 4: Importance of eating Quality Fats/Half-way check-in!
  • Week 5: Protein and Gluten/Mindset around “setbacks”
  • Week 6: Antioxidants and Immunity
  • Week 7: Adaptogens and Stress management
  • Week 8: How Exercise boosts nutrition/Wrap up

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