Master Your Life Using Nutrition

Master Your Life Using Nutrition!

“The Ultimate Course to Help You Level Up Your Life by Leveling Up Your Nutrition”

Next Enrollment coming January 2022!

Learn the science behind nutrition + how to apply it so you can finally live your dream life!

What to Expect

This Course is designed to teach you the science behind nutrition plus targeted personal development coaching lessons for the ultimate transformation!

This course will explain all the ins and outs of nutrition. How your body digests and uses each nutrient. Where to find the healthiest foods and how to include them in your already-too-busy life.

You will finally learn how to intuitively eat. Eat without having to diet, or restrict yourself ever again.

You will finally understand what foods your body actually wants and needs, and where to get them!

You will learn how to change your mindset to set yourself up for success even before you change anything on your plate.

You will learn how use the lessons learned to achieve your dream future and healthiest you.

You will learn how to empower yourself to make the best food decisions based on science and your own guided personal experience.

What’s Included?

  • 8 Video Trainings
  • 8 Homework Assignments
  • Intuitively Eating Exercise
  • Journal Assignments
  • Course Workbook
  • 1 on 1 Personal Coaching Session
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Members only Facebook Group

New Enrollment Begins

January 2022!

Topics Covered:

Session 1: Introduction
  • Why do we need to study Nutrition?
  • Why is Nutrition Advice so confusing and how to find what really works
  • Why learning chemistry behind nutrition will help you make the best food choices to achieve results
  • How to Intuitively eat
  • Learn how to overcome Mindset roadblocks
Session 2: Digestion and Gut Health
  • Using Gratitude to attract your dream life and goals
  • How does the digestive system work?
  • What is the gut microbiome and how does it influence health?
  • How to keep your digestive system and gut microbiome healthy
Session 3: Carbohydrates and Sugar
  • The different types of carbs and sugar
  • Which ones should we be eating and why
  • Difference between starches and fibers
  • How do Carbs and sugars get digested and absorbed
  • What our body does with carbs and sugar
  • The link between sugar and disease and how to decrease sugar
Session 4: Let’s Talk about Fat
  • Why you need to stop fearing fat
  • Why we need to eat fat and which fat to eat (with food examples)
  • The different types of fat (Saturated vs Unsaturated)
  • Where Trans fats come from and how to avoid
  • What are the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats and why need them
Session 5: Protein and Gluten
  • What is keeping you from your healthiest self
  • What is a protein and what does your body use protein for
  • How does your body make your own protein
  • Importance of protein quality
  • Can you eat too much Protein
  • Should you go Gluten-free?
  • Celiac vs. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity
  • How to eliminate Gluten properly
Session 6: Micronutrients and Immunity
  • How to overcome fear to keep you from your most successful you
  • Don’t just survive, but thrive!
  • How nutrition is tied to your immunity
  • What you need to eat to increase your immunity
  • What are the micronutrients
  • Why vitamins are important, and how to ensure you get all of them
  • How Antioxidants work
  • Other important micronutrients and where you can get them
  • How to add in superfoods, and why they are needed for optimal health
Session 7: Stress and Adaptogens
  • How what your eat affects your motivation, energy, and quality of life
  • Discovering root causes of stress
  • How Stress affects your health
  • What is an adaptogen?
  • How do adaptogens work
Session 8: Exercise and Nutrition, achieving ultimate Success, and Course Wrap Up!
  • How does exercise boost your body’s ability to use nutrients
  • How to get and stay motivated to exercise consistently
  • How to use this course to get the success you have been dreaming of
  • Next steps

Why I made this Course:

After teaching Nutrition for 7 years at a nearby University, I really wanted to bottle up all the best parts of that course (the stuff people actually wanted to know about) and teach it on my own. I was all set to launch…

and then I had a big epiphany….

So I scrapped it and started over.

I wanted to make it even BIGGER and more IMPACTFUL.

I didn’t just want to teach nutrition. I wanted to teach nutrition and HOW to apply it to your life. How you NEED nutrition to LEVEL UP your life. How closely nutrition is tied to your OVERALL SUCCESS in life.

When you put the focus back into nutrition, learn the ins and outs of how your body uses nutrients, you learn how to eat freely and openly. When you feel better, because you are now nourishing your body, you feel lighter, the fog lifts, and your confidence SOARS!

When you have this abundance of confidence, you suddenly DO amazing things that you previously never thought was possible.

The WORLD opens up to you.

You become more motivated. Your become more successful. You ultimately become your BEST self.

That is what this course is about. That is what I will give you at the end of just two short months.

What are you waiting for?! Join me!!

New Enrollment Begins

January 2022!

Learn how to Use Food to:


Increase productivity

More confidence to do the scary things

More motivated to get work done 

Decrease in procrastination

Decrease in Brain fog 

Decrease in Bloating

Decrease in Digestive Discomfort

Improved Sleep

Improved Daily Energy 

Have any questions about the course?