How to Handle Work Stress (what really worked for me)

Raise your hand ✋if you feel like you are living in Groundhog’s Day?

I remember getting in the car each morning for my morning commute thinking, “here we go again!” And basically psyching myself up for another day of fighting traffic, and being miserable (and perhaps, bored?) all day at work.

For so many days, I checked the traffic on my phone before I left and when I saw 2 hrs (yep!), I called in sick (hehe). Because it was not worth it for me to waste 2 hrs of my day to sit in traffic like that. Then when I was at work, I was surrounding by my other miserable coworkers, who looooved to spend time bitching (all day, about literally everything), on top of a super competitive and ultra political work environment, where I felt like my hard work always went nowhere.

It’s no wonder I too was miserable and stressed out all the time. This led to me stress eating (before I discovered Intuitive Eating), drinking every night (sometimes, the second I got home because of the traffic on the way home got me all wound up) and just all around in a funk. My face was also mess and I had lots of heart palpitations.

Because I didn’t like where I worked, I felt very trapped most days and had no idea on how to get out of it. Cue..more stress!

Stress (especially from a job that sucks your soul) messes with your health so much. It wasn’t until I worked on myself and finally  figured out how to get out of this movie, that everything changed. My weight improved, I ate better, my face completely cleared up and was no longer up at night with chest pains.

I promised myself I would do whatever I could not to go back to that state. And I haven’t.  Yes,  it’s been/is hard, but my health (and sanity) are worth it.

I discussed this and EXACTLY what I did and more in my latest Wed night Webinar

It def worth a watch.

Who else can relate?

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