Consulting Services

I offer health coaching services and personalized programs for students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to help support:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Sleep improvement
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Motivation and confidence

My consulting services are completely personalized to you and your individual health needs and goals. I provide support with nutrition, career, relationships, overall lifestyle because all parts of your life are connected to your overall health and well being!

Because they are given the proper tools and knowledge, my programs leave my clients feeling more empowered to take charge of their own health!

Recent Testimonial:

“Not only did working through foundational things help my eating overall, working with Lia unearthed my own confidence. Working together during this unprecedented time in the world was such a beacon of light. Having a connection with someone I knew was invested in my personal well-being and betterment helped me get through isolation and quarantine. Setting weekly goals and knowing I had someone to be accountable to helped keep me together during a time where it could have been really easy to fall apart.

All the changes I see I feel like stem from the same thing: a mindset change that took time to build and will still continue to be a work in progress, but working with Lia helped get me on a path to a deeper understanding of my own happiness, my body’s needs, my inner workings, and stuff that easily falls to the wayside when we’re all trying to rush around and get stuff done. ” – Amanda B.  

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All appointments are currently made via phone or video.

Student discounts are available for all programs.