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You no longer need to feel overwhelmed because your health keeps getting pushed to the side. You just need a good Health Coach to teach you the tools you’ve been missing..

10 Things You Can Do to Keep You Consistently Motivated

When Life Keeps Getting in the Way of Your Health Goals

Health Changes are Hard to Do on Your Own

Weight never stays where you want it

You diet and then feel amazing, only to relapse back into old habits and the weight comes right back up to where you started.

Lack of Self-Control around Food

So many yummy choices around to temp you! You want to be good, but its so hard when everyone around you seems to want to sabotage your efforts.

It can be hard to get and keep healthy food around!

Hard to Stay Motivated

Life keep getting in the way? Too busy at work? Kids stressing you out? Feel like you are the only one dieting?

There are a million reasons why motivation decreases and you end up falling back into old habits that are keeping your progress back.

Confused on what actually works

Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their mom is a nutrition expert? Diet rules changing every day. Its no wonder why you are confused.

Health coaching is the answer for people with busy lives.

Build your own healthy meal plans

Learn to meal plan that works for your schedule. Learn what foods to add into your life, so you are no longer dependent on fast food.

Stay on track even on your busiest days

Learn what food to bring with you on those days when you are running around but still need to stay energized and feeling your best.

Long-lasting healthy habits

Working with a coach creates sustainable habits that work with your life, not against it. This ensures the new routines stick around indefinitely.

Its more than food

Everything going on your life influences what food you eat. By understanding where your weaknesses and triggers are, and then how to deal with them, is the #1 reason why my clients are successful.

Let me guide you!

My name is Lia and I am both a nutrition instructor and coach! I have been teaching nutrition for more than 8 years and personally health coaching for 4 of them! I have two degrees in chemistry and a certification in holistic health and nutrition from IIN.

My specialty is combining both science and holistic practices to ensure my students and clients are successful in their health programs and courses. I am really good at breaking down complicated health and science concepts into easy ways for people to understand and showing them how implement them into their lives!!

What took me over ten years of diet hopping and personal development to figure out on my own, my coaching programs help people in only months. Because I know how frustrating it is to struggle with weight loss (and diet hop around with no success), health problems, and cystic acne (and trying every face treatment ever with no success), while also commuting 2 hours a day to a super stressful and busy job.

By combining science and proven holistic practices, I was finally able to overcome my own mental blocks that enabled me to finally get my health and weight in order, which gave me a new found confidence and success.

My mission is to help everyone who feels as lost as I once did. I will improve your health and your mindset, so you can finally feel confident and successful in your life.

What my Clients Are Saying

“Working with Lia helped get me on a path to a deeper understanding of my own happiness, my body’s needs, my inner workings, and stuff that easily falls to the wayside when we’re all trying to rush around and get stuff done.”

Amanda B.

“She listens to create a program that works for you, and draws up a plan for the specific needs you have. She tailored the program to help my specific needs and goals. She brought goals to the surface I had buried inside.”


Only 3 Easy Steps to Get Started!

1. Fill Out this Simple Form!

Fill out this form and in less than a min and you will be on your way!

2. Make a Plan!

Once Lia receives your form, she will personally contact you to help and discuss your goals and needs.

3. Attend!

Then all you need to do is attend your coaching sessions and you are on your way to finally achieving results and feeling amazing!

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Lia knows you only want to be healthy and confident. The problem is that you are busy and changes are hard to do on your own, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed because you end up putting your health on the back burner. And because most convenience and budget-friendly foods work against your health goals, it makes them harder to achieve. That’s why in my health coaching programs you are given the tools and support to succeed in spite of all the obstacles that get in your way.

Online Group Health Coaching

Online Individual Health Coaching

Get the support and learn the tools to finally feel amazing in your body!

And thanks to technology, it all can be done via video-teleconferencing, to make it even easier to fit into your busy schedules.

family making breakfast in the kitchen

Stop putting your health and weight goals on the back burner.

You do not need to continue to ignore your health and weight goals because you have a family and life commitments.

(Because chances are: your health and weight have probably been getting worse, not better). Let’s change that.

three woman sitting on white chair in front of table

Stop suffering because of the demands of your job

Your health and weight do not need to suffer anymore due to your busy work life.

Working around the clock has taken a toll on your health and weight. Learn how to stay successful at your job, and hit those health goals while doing it.

woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on green grass field

No time to breathe, let alone eat healthy?

Learn how to eat healthier without sacrificing your responsibilities.

It will never be the “right time” to achieve your health and weight goals. Something else will always get in the way. Learn the tools to achieve your goals while living your life now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Health Coaching Expensive?

Health Coaching is similar in price to other forms of therapy. Group coaching programs are cheaper than the individual plans, and I also offer manageable payment plans where I try my best to work with each client and their individual budget needs. See pricing here.

Will coaching meetings be time consuming?

No! In fact that is why I purposely design my programs where I only need to meet with you live 2x/month because I know and understand how busy your life is. I am also available via private messaging, so we stay connected with any questions or help needed outside of meeting times. My goal is 100% your success and I show you how to achieve your goals, while you are still living your life.

Will You Actually Help me?

The clients that are successful are those who understand that I am their guide and support system. It is still up to them whether they do the action steps we outline together in each session. I work at your pace and would never push you into something you are not comfortable with. Action and progress still needs to come from you. The single biggest reason why people fail in their health goals is lack of support and motivation. Health coaching solves this. So, if you want to be successful, you will.

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Health Coaching is Your Solution

Learn the skills to eat better, lose weight, alleviate symptoms, and get your life back for good.

You can make health and weight changes on your own, but it is SOOOO MUCH HARDER to do it that way

This is why online Group Health Coaching Circles are what you need to finally be successful.

They are FUN, easier, and the results are long-lasting!!!

Instead of doing it alone and continuing to hit the same wall over and over again, try a different approach.

Work your goals with others who can be your support, accountability, and partners in crime!

All from the comfort of your own home! (How much better is that!)

Sign up Here and join the next online Group Circle!

Need more convincing? Click here.

Other Health Coaching packages and pricing here (payment plans available)

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What’s a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a trained professional who works closely with you to implement health changes by providing encouragement, accountability, and motivation.

Through regular check ins via private messaging and virtual live meetings, health coaches help you find the blockages that are preventing you from making the health changes you would like to see.

Health coaches do not focus on what is “wrong” or what needs to be “fixed.” Instead, they focus on harnessing your strengths, and helping you create small doable goals that will create lasting change over time.

A health coach will will help you when nothing on your own has been working.

Change often feels difficult or impossible and even feel scary.

A health coach will help you move past the barriers, giving you the motivation and strength to finally achieving your health goals.

But, I rather Help Myself on my schedule

Pick the online course that best suits your problem.

Enroll in this on-demand course if you:

*Want the same information nutritionists know!

*Are done feeling confused about all the conflicting healthy eating information.

*Have no time to dedicate to take long and lengthy nutrition courses that cost thousands of dollars!

Watch this free training video if you are:

*Too busy to cook everyday.

*Hate counting and food tracking.

*Lose motivation when things get hard.

*Struggle with setbacks, like lack of time, no support from friends/partners, or lack of sleep.

Watch this free training video if you:

*Need an achievable jump start to weight loss

*Struggle with sugar cravings or appetite control.

*Want to learn how to do keto without counting macros or tracking ketones.

*Want to learn how to do the keto diet in a healthy way.

What People Say

This course [Master Your Life Using Nutrition] taught me the fundamentals of how to eat healthy and feel my best. Lia’s sessions are rooted in chemistry and science, but she teaches the content in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. Thanks to her, I feel empowered and knowledgeable when it comes to food and my health.

I used to have so many questions about why I felt the way I did after eating. Not only did Lia help me understand why I was feeling the way I did, but she taught me how to improve my gut, digestion, and overall well-being. To this day, I am still using and practicing what I learned from this course“.

– Diane M.

Lia Faherty, MS
Nutritional Supplements

Even though Lia teaches and coaches a holistic approach to nutrition and health, she understands that sometimes there is a need to add some nutritional supplements for faster results, those busy days, or to fill in nutritional gaps.

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