You Do Not Need to Track your Protein Intake

Do you know how much protein you are supposed to eat everyday?

Me neither…

That would involve me weighing and calculating my food everyday…Who the hell has time for that? (No, seriously I really want to know who these people are because as someone with two little children and a job and a house and husband, I am lucky I can even sit and eat most of the time. Most of my meals are either rushed or eating standing up, so adding on counting food…yea, that’s not going to happen)

I just eat the amount that feels appropriate at the time (like um, normal eating??). I just add more when I need it, like when I was pregnant, or breastfeeding, after workouts (very important), or when I just feel hungry or not satisfied with my meals. My body just tells me when I am eating enough. This is why I teach my clients how to intuitively eat through both my private consulting and also my group online nutrition course!

Your body is crazy smart, it is ALWAYS telling you what it needs. The trick is just paying attention, which so many people do not.

Stop counting. Pay attention to your body and just EAT (real food, of course). It shouldn’t be complicated.

Eating should be fun and enjoyable.

I explain more below, and I also discuss exactly what a protein is and how your body makes them!

Because knowing more about what a protein is helps solve the “How much do I eat?” puzzle.

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