Could your job be the reason why you can’t lose weight?

Do you LOVE your job? Your career? Where you go everyday (or what you do everyday, for those of us working from home)?
There was a time where I did NOT. I dreaded each day. I dreaded the long commute. I dreaded being at a job that I did not feel like my managers cared about me. I hated that all my efforts seemed to go nowhere. Not appreciated for my work. Having to constantly play office politics (where it seemed that whoever talked the most, got the most recognition even though their actual work sucked…anyone else experience this? Its the most frustrating thing ever). A degree meant more than actual experience….ugh, the list goes on.

And because I was not the only one who felt this way, it was also a place where everyone BITCHED. Like every conversation was gossip, who was doing what, or not doing what, what manager sucked that day and what they were doing, or not doing. Oy…just typing this out makes me wonder why I stayed on for as long as I did. It was such a toxic environment to be in. Not at all good for my mental health at all.
Looking back in reflection, I could see why I could not lose weight back then. Why I had the worst hormonal acne on my cheeks. Why I had trouble getting to sleep because of intense heart palpitations..every.single.night.

The thing is too, I was exercising every day (my company had a gym, and I did take advantage of it!) and I was eating well (at least what I thought was good at the time). I made my lunches and my dinners everyday. I had a smoothie every morning. Why instead of losing weight, was I gaining more weight!!??

When I got laid off that job and I look back at pictures of me then, I was at my most heaviest and probably the most unhealthy I ever been too (in spite of me trying my best to be healthy).


It was no wonder, I was beyond frustrated that my efforts were not working.
Being at a place, with terrible managers (who also appeared to be just as miserable too), at a job that didn’t serve me…was the reason.

I know this NOW. I WISHED I put two and two together back then (I think on what I could have accomplished with this insight back then).
Until I took the steps to better myself and realized that I DESERVE to have a job that was the complete opposite of this madness.
One where I looked forward to commuting to. One where I loved the people I worked with. One where I had no more boss!! (I need to do things my way apparently). One where I got to do the things I loved doing. One where I actually helped people.
THIS WAS NOT AN EASY transition. It looks it because you see the highlight reel. But it wasn’t. It took years of personal development and just working on myself. Figuring out how to intuitively eat (so what I eat doesn’t add to the stress cycle, but take away). Adding fat back into my diet (convinced this is a big reason why my acne was cured). Exercising for quality instead of quantity (yay for 10 min HIIT workouts!). Years of reading books to help increase my confidence, motivation, fear of failure, and entrepreneurship. So much learning and growing.

Soon, the weight finally came off (and I got into my best shape of my life), my face cleared up completely, the heart palpitations completely gone, and I felt more confident, less stressed, slept better and just more motivated to get stuff done FOR ME.

By working on the mental piece, not only was I able to overcome the obstacles keeping me from being in a happy place, it also dominoed in my health too. Mental health = health. Mental health affects overall health and vice versa. Being at that job messed with my mental health, which messed with my overall health. Therefore, I had to work on my brain, in order to overcome this and finally become my healthier self.

LIGHTBULB moment. AGAIN, I so WISHED I understood this back then. Maybe I would have actually quit that job instead of allowing them to control the situation, which eventually led to them laying me off anyway (or as they put it: I was being “displaced.”). I could have be healthy and happy sooner. Imagine what I could have accomplished so much sooner!!

Its why I am so passionate about helping others now because I do not want anyone else to have to struggle for so many years, like I did. I want others to have their light bulb moments now, not later. Because time is going by so fast. Why not accomplish ALL THE THINGS now. Why not be your healthiest NOW. Why wait!!!!!

Again, I wished!!!! I had knew this back then. Would have saved me so many years of trial and error. If you had told me that I could have gotten to this lightbulb moment in just 6 months, rather than 6+ years..I would have said SIGN ME UP
Where could you be in just short few months? What LIFE could you be living if you were happier, healthier, and finally DOING ALL THE THINGS you been wishing for?

If you can not wait any longer to get to this place, and are just fed up with your situation, contact me NOW so you do not need to live with any regrets.

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