My top 5 personal development books

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Hi sweet friends,

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. It seems to already be speeding by. I mean, July is right around the corner! I love July because its warm enough to go to the beach (in NJ, anyway), and my birthday is in July too! (I asked for Harry Potter broadway tickets..but they are soo hard to get!!). July also puts me in my third–aka last trimester! Omg! Home stretch!

We started taking birthing classes, and I am learning a lot about the whole birthing process in general. It’s very interesting, especially from what your body actually does in the process. Actually, I have found being pregnant very fascinating in general, because it basically confirms (to me anyway) that your body is so ridiculously smart and knows what to do and is capable of so much! In learning about what your body goes through, we want as much as a natural birthing experience as possible, so that is what we are preparing for. We are even looking into a birthing center as an option. I know that is a sensitive topic with a lot of people and isn’t for everyone, but if you are interested in hearing more about my reasons and thoughts, just let me know!

I have been very calm throughout majority of this pregnancy. Of course, I have some days, where I am very tired and basically just want to be left alone (but who doesn’t?). I always thought I would be super nervous and worrying about everything all the time. It hasn’t been the case at all, actually. I just take each day as it comes and just have felt very relaxed in general. I think I am also conscious that if I am feeling anxious and stressed, that the baby might feel it too, so I check myself a lot and try to let as much go as possible. Since, I am very aware of nutrition’s role in a lot of this too, I make sure this part is covered as best I as I can (and try not to to eat things that make me feel too “off”), and just trying to just stay as relaxed as possible (breathing and mindfulness has been extremely helpful in this regard). I just keep telling myself that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Everything has also been right on target this whole time. I know that not everyone is this lucky, so I am just very grateful that I am able to have a relatively “easy” pregnancy (so far..*knocks on wood*). Honestly I feel like myself, for the most part..except for sleep. Sleep is the only issue I have. Carrying an extra 20 lb in your stomach, makes sleeping a bit more difficult these days. My back stiffens up completely when I am in one position for too long, so it takes me a long time to get into a comfortable position when sleeping (and then I wake up every 2 hr, and process repeats all night). I also think the cats know, because they have been sleeping on me this entire time, which is very cute, but also not helping the sleep situation either 😛 (Munchkin (he’s the one I post about more on IG) recently discovered just how comfortable my pregnancy pillow is, and basically fights me for it every night). 

These past few years,  I have learned to just take things as they come, and be grateful for everything, as much as I can. Some days are harder than others, but most days I try to keep this mindset to the best I can.  It really helps to keep things in perspective and keeps your mind in check as well. I journal more now, I write and say affirmations, and I literally write down what I am grateful of. I don’t do these things everyday, but every time I feel really stuck or things are just not going the way I’d hoped, I do this. To some people, it seems very “granola” or “corny” and I get that. But for someone, who tends to worry a lot, get a anxious about a lot things, this has helped me. I am not perfect. I still doubt myself a lot and worry if things are going to work out (especially with work-related things), worry if people like me…etc, etc, etc. But, keeping my mind as clear as possible has helped me in a lot of these ways. Because I think back to when things really were crappy, and how I overcame them, made it to the other side and realized that the other side was actually better and where I was supposed to end up anyway. 

I also do this mental thing where I envision things that I want in the future and write down that I am grateful for them, as if they already happened. You would be surprised to how many actually came true!!! This is how I know it works. Always blows my mind. Seriously, try it. The trick is, to not make it a wish list. You have to actually feel it being real. I find doing this first thing in the morning is good for me, because after the day officially starts, you get distracted with life stuff. It also sets you up for the day, because you already feel calm and happy.

These practices have come from years of reading lots of personal development books, following like-minded people, Arbonne, and also health coach training. All these things in my life have changed the way I think about my life, how I approach it and the world in general. I highly recommend reading some of these books, if you never have. It helps the mind so much. You learn to be more confident in your daily choices, you look at relationships better, you help face your fears many things. The right mindset is really everything.

If you need some place to start, here are my top 5 personal development books that seriously helped me so much!!

  1. The Secret. By Rhonda Byrne. This book changed everything for me after I read it. Some people take it too much at “face value” and don’t get it. But it really just teaches you to keep you head and your mind in check. You can control your future, if you keep your mind straight. Things changed dramatically for me after I read this and I also realized that all the successes in my life were because of me and what I created on my own. If you feel stuck at all in life, definitely read this. Or just read it in general, because it really is a good book.
  2. Training Camp by Jon Gordon. I read this a few years ago and remember it being a quick read, but the feeling I had after I read it stuck with me. It’s a motivational story to being successful by just working hard at something you really want. I finished it being very motivated to work harder. Very very good. Again, if you feel like you won’t succeed or are just scared to try something new, this book is very helpful.
  3. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I actually listened to this on Audible, which was an excellent listen. This book was the kick in the pants I needed. Mel Robbins really is a genius (and hilarious too!). Read this if you are like me and tend to overthink everything, afraid of the unknown or what people think of you, or just procrastinate, over analyze, etc.(which I am all of the above). Honestly, I wish I read this years ago!!
  4. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone. I first listened to this on Audible too and then had to buy the physical book, because I needed a written copy of this. This book really helps you realize that in order to be successful in life, you have to go for it and really do what others aren’t willing to do.  You can’t just dream of the successful life (that’s being average), you have to really work for it (because most people give up, unfortunately). It’s good for entrepreneurs and also for everyone who wants to be successful in life, especially their work life. Who doesn’t want that?
  5. The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. This is my current read, but I am already learning so much from it. I keep highlighting everything and taking notes (because I am a nerd like that, haha). There is a difference between being “busy” and being “productive.” I feel like most things he is saying, are like “yes, that makes sense,” but most people don’t actually implement ways to actually being productive in their lives, especially, their work lives. Not just for entrepreneurs either, he talks about how to be better at any job, impress your boss and how to just get your life back.

Have you read any of these? What are some of your favorites? I am always looking for new books to read 🙂