How to get out of a life rut

Do you ever feel like you are in a “life rut”?

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Or would you rather be doing something different with your life, and just don’t know how to start?

If you know me (or follow my story), I am a big believer in “what you put out there, you get back.” However, they can’t be wishes. You have to actually envision yourself in the place you want (even if it’s just some abstract idea or feeling..that’s still something! ). 

When you picture your life (the one you want), how does it make you feel? Are you fulfilled? Are you happy? Where are you living? What are you doing? Are there any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work from home? Do you have the time flexibility you always craved? More work-life balance? A better position? A promotion?

Its helpful to do this exercise, even if if you don’t know exactly how you are going to get there, or exactly what you are doing. That’s ok! That was me!

I always envisioned myself doing something that left me fulfilled and helping people. I wanted to work in the area of nutrition. However,  I had no idea what that would entail or how to even get there! It was just an abstract idea I had.  

I kept thinking of that feeling I would have when I finally got there. It was very powerful. The feeling of finally doing something that I loved, I was good at, and I actually enjoyed. That feeling is what I attached myself to. 

One big lesson I have learned is:

The universe will pave a path to that place if you allow it. You must never lose sight of your vision (or that feeling). No matter what.  No matter what life throws at you that might not make sense or its not in your set “plan.” It might end up being a weird, topsy turvy (and sometimes very hard) path. Mine was certainly not easy and at times, extremely stressful. But at all times, you must keep this vision alive. 

It’s very hard to be mindful of this when times are tough and you are literally in the thick of it. Every time things got really hard, or “off course,”  I reminded myself that everything will work out the way they are supposed to. 

This takes major mental endurance. I will admit to that. Even the best of us, have to work on this daily.

So many people just accept things the way that are. Which is fine, if you are actually happy with your situation. But many aren’t. They hate their jobs (and can’t leave because it’s their livelihood), or they lost their jobs (and they can’t see how they are going to get back to work). They hate the way they look, their weight, their health, etc. etc. Many things appear to occur out of our control. Which is true many times. But how we deal with it, is under our control. 

Change is hard. But sometimes the forced changes are the ones you may need the most, even if you can’t see it at the moment. I had to go through some forced changes (things out of my control). But at the other side of it, when the dust settled, I always realized that I was in a much better situation, and one that I actually wanted to begin with.

Keeping things in perspective is very important. But you also need to keep in mind that if you think of terrible things, terrible things will happen. If you believe good things will happen, they will too. Its all mindset.

I remember one conversation I had with my mom. I was basically unemployed for like a year and half (just started teaching as a part-time adjunct the previous semester). It was around March and my mom (being a mom) was basically asking how I was going to handle the summer (no school = no paycheck, and I wasn’t making a lot as an adjunct anyway). No joke, my instant gut response was, “I’ll be fine!” I honestly really meant it too. For some unknown reason, I just knew things would be fine. It was like a reflex. I didn’t even think about it.

Literally, like a month later, I had a job interview for a full time position with a really nice manager and at a good company. I didn’t search out this job. It literally fell to me. Someone I knew reached out to me on LinkedIn about it. When did I start?.. that summer.

This example sticks out to me because I really knew, in my core, that everything will be fine.  I had no idea what that meant. (At the time, I was very broke and in debt). I had no idea that I was about to be asked for a job interview.  No clue. I got though the summer and ended up staying there for a few years. Now, one other thing I should mention: this job wasn’t in the health or nutrition coaching space. However, in reflection, it was a necessary stepping stone to where I am now.

Another lesson I learned: Even if the job isn’t exactly what you are could just be a stepping stone. Something you need to go through or learn from, to get to where you want to be. You need to embrace these stones just as much. They are there for a reason.

When the universe sends you signals that you are doing the correct things, you will know. You will have moments where you have clarity and understanding.

When I was first offered to teach a lecture course (after teaching just labs for a while), the course that was offered to me was a nutrition course.

A nutrition course.

This was a sign. A sign that things were working out and I was on the right path. I knew in that exact moment, that I was meant to teach that. I kept my composure when it was offered, but in my head I was freaking out!

Teaching was the scariest thing (and very hard at the beginning) to do at first. After that first semester though, I knew this was it. It was the first job I ever had that it felt right. It led me to getting certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I wanted to teach beyond the classroom and help others who may need it.

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I knew I wanted to do something that actually helped people, but never knew what that was.

I knew that I wanted to be able to work from home, but had no idea how to make that happen. 

I knew that I wanted a job that I actually looked forward to, but had no idea what that was. 

I knew that it was nutrition related, but had no idea what that was. 

Through all the lay offs, debt, moving, stress and a lot of hard work…I ended up here. I became a health coach (which I didn’t even know what a thing years ago!), helping young professionals, figure out their life and overall health! I went from working a 9-5 corporate job (which looked really good on paper, but I was miserable at), to a whole new career path.

I didn’t technically choose it, I was led to it. 

It is everything I had envisioned. That feeling that I was attached to for so long actually did become a reality. 


  • Spend time actually visualizing your best life. Feel it, don’t just wish it.
  • Embrace the unknown. Your path will look like a crazy person drew it.
  • Embrace the necessary stepping stones. They are there for a reason.
  • Allow the universe to guide you and understand that everything that is happening is meant to happen.
  • Celebrate your successes.
  • Express gratitude for when the successes (even small ones!) happen.

Now its your turn.

Are you struggling right now with figuring out your next step in life? Work life sucks (or nonexistent). Health sucks (and you tried everything or just don’t know where to start?). Or just in a life rut? Completely clueless to what you are supposed to be doing? 

Do you want to be fulfilled? Do you want to do something in your life that gives you purpose and meaning? Do you want to just be happy? Do you want to finally lose weight and/or get healthier?

I can help you connect the dots or be that support person you desperately need right now to help you find that elusive path or if you do know what it is, I can help you achieve it! 

When people discover the life they know they were meant to have, a whole new life opens up for them. Happiness = Healthy 

It’s not just the food you eat, it’s everything in your life. 

Life is challenging and scary, and sometimes you just need guide.

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