Is Agave syrup good for Weight loss?

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of “healthy” recipes out there that are promoting the use of agave syrup as a sugar replacement. While, this is ok in moderation, and just like any other sugar, you do what makes you feel your best. However, I have been seeing these recipes for certain diets or 30 day programs that are also telling people to limit their fruit intake at the same time. For example, eat only berries and green apples, but not bananas. Then, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup agave syrup. (Huh?)

I am all about decreasing sugar intake for people who might need it, especially for weight loss, but telling them that fruit is a no no and agave syrup is ok, is extremely misleading.

I understand the agave syrup is lower on the glycemic index scale, that isn’t the only predictor of health and weight loss.

I explain this in detail below in this video.

(And yes, I am in my PJs, because I am 9 months pregnant, and basically just live in them these days, haha).

I am not saying that someone shouldn’t use agave syrup at all. I am just baffled at the notion that its being promoted to be better than the sugar in fruit. People need to understand what’s in both and then be able to make their own informed decisions when it comes to their health.

I would love your thoughts on this topic too! What do you think about agave syrup for weight loss?

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