Let’s Meditate!

Life is all about vibrating on different levels. Getting to each level depends on your mindset.

Meditation can help.

Woman mediating on bed with her headphones

I used to think I could never meditate because from what the media portrays it looked boring.
How could someone sit there for so long and not want to get up and do other things? What was
stopping them from just giving up?

When you have control over your mind, your body will follow. That’s all meditation is. Starting out you don’t need anything but an open mind and a quiet space. I find it helpful to think about what you want to accomplish by meditating. I find it useful when I just want some clarity on a certain situation and some peace of mind.

Woman doing a quick mediation at work to help relax

Understanding that the first time you do it won’t be easy. It’s extremely hard to stop unnecessary
thoughts and to just listen to your inner self. It took me months for my mind to link up with my body on a healthy level. Everyone is different so this time duration varies.

Here are some easy tips to get you started.

  • I suggest to get some incense, candles, and a fairy light. These three things can instantly make your space feel magical and and sets the mood for you to meditate.
  • Some lavender essential oil is also great for rubbing on your hands and your temple.
  • Find some frequency music on YouTube or any music app. For example, on YouTube you can search things like “frequency for healing” or “frequency for meditation”. There will be a million options available.
  • Next sit down on the floor or in a chair. Whatever is best for you at that moment.
  • Close your eyes and focus on the music and try to clear your mind. As I said before, it’s hard the first couple times, but the more you do it the better you will become at it.

That’s it! You are meditating!

Woman meditating in her home surrounded by candles to help set the mood

Mastering your mind is the first step. It helps you to conquer the beautiful things you are capable of. When you know you have full control over your mind, body, and soul, you begin to feel like you can do anything and your confidence goes up. Try to just go into this new journey of self-love with your heart on your sleeve and your mind vulnerable. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself and move to higher levels of vibration.

Saadiqa Vann
Saadiqa Vann

My name is Saadiqa Vann and I am 29 years old from Philadelphia Pa. I went to college at Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a B.A. in Communications, Art and Science. I started my own Organic and Vegan cosmetics company in 2019, called Queen Elite. I focus on what ingredients that are best for the skin and I make everything that I sell. As an artist, I love incorporating Art into my business where I also make vegan candles! I am also a published author, where you can find my novel, Nubia’s Adventures in the Fourth Dimension on Amazon!