Art? Yes I am.

I believe that The Human Body is Nature’s Art. 

Hear me out.

I love art, from Paintings to Poetry. I do not think that enough people consider the human body as a form of art, or even themselves as art. Do you? Try it!  

Thinking about yourself as art can tremendously spark your confidence. Just think about this: All art is one of a kind. Well, so is every body. All art comes in different shapes and sizes, and so is every body.

When you think about it, we are like nature’s art.

We are beautiful and breathtaking just like the oceans or trees.

Artwork by Saadiqa Vann

I am an artist. I love to represent bigger bodies in my artwork. The forgotten you might say. Plus size artwork is on the other side of the art spectrum. Being a plus size woman, I use my own body as a canvas and I try to put every imperfection on display. When I didn’t like how my arms looked I wore sleeveless shirts. When I didn’t like how my stomach looked I wore crop tops. I continuously put myself on display for the world so I can break out of my comfort zone so my confidence could break through.

Eventually it did and I shined from within.

I was the only one holding me back from creatively expressing myself and living the life I wanted to live.

This is why I am art. I’m not always the same. My weight might go up one month and down the next. That’s normal and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. We aren’t perfect and our bodies constantly let us know. 

If you are struggling with self-confidence and fear about how you look, make it a habit to look at yourself on the inside and pull your higher self to the surface.

When you look at a piece of art no matter what, you feel emotional. When you look at yourself, you feel emotional as well. Dress up or dress down, you are equivalent to art no matter what. You are art. One of the most beautiful forms of art there is. The universe created you for a reason. Why not embrace exactly who you are?

Saadiqa Vann
Saadiqa Vann

My name is Saadiqa Vann and I am 29 years old from Philadelphia Pa. I went to college at Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a B.A. in Communications, Art and Science. I started my own Organic and Vegan cosmetics company in 2019, called Queen Elite. I focus on what ingredients that are best for the skin and I make everything that I sell. As an artist, I love incorporating Art into my business where I also make vegan candles! I am also a published author, where you can find my novel, Nubia’s Adventures in the Fourth Dimension on Amazon!