How to Find your Perfect Eating Style to Finally Get Health Results You Want

Bio-individuality is just a fancy way to explain that you need to eat FOR YOU and not for anyone else. Or just because a fancy new diet out there is working for your bestie, that it will also work the same for you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it probably won’t.

There is not one particular “holy grail” diet out there that just works for everyone (Sorry!).

You need to find your own “diet” or way of eating. Because everyone is different (duh!). What you eat is really determined by so many factors…age, sex, activity level, hormones, digestion, stress, needs, etc.

Once you find your own personal bio-individual way of eating, it becomes less stressful and actually ENJOYABLE. Which should be the goal anyway, right? I mean, why is it so hard to JUST EAT?

Not feeling deprived.

Not feeling like you are missing out on the fun stuff.

Not watching every single thing that goes on your plate.

AND you are still able to get the health results you want. That sounds like the “holy grail” to me!

“That sound amazing, Lia, but how the hell do I find this perfect-for-me style of eating?”

By finally paying attention to your body. I mean really pay attention. How is your digestion? How is your energy? How is your sleep? What happens after you eat this or that? Etc.

You need to really focus on yourself and what food is doing to and FOR you. Then you can edit out/in things that work with your body. Food your body is ASKING for.

Its not an overnight process. It also will change as you change. But once you learn how to read your body, its becomes a lot easier to adjust as needed.

It took me a while to even understand that this concept even existed. It took a lot of diet trial and error of my own before I had this epiphany. However, once I DID figure it out, everything changed for me. Eating was fun again. I lost the weight. My health was fixed. I started cooking fun foods again and not feel guilty over it. The pressure to be a perfect eater was gone.

I discussed this below during one of my recent webinars (which you can watch live for free here!).

I explained how I figured it out for myself and I also gave some recommendations for other people to figure it out too!

If you still feel like you need extra help with this, please send me a message! This is what I do! I only want people to feel like they can just eat and be normal about it (imagine how FREEING that would feel!). Eat the fun stuff and not stress or feel guilty over it. I want people to finally get the health results they have been so desperately trying to find on their own.

Curious on what your thoughts are about this topic! What is your relationship with food?