Learn HOW to JUST EAT – A 2-week in-depth course in Nutrition Science

Presented by Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,

Lia Faherty, MS

Learn how to use Nutrition Science to INTUITIVELY Eat

Learn how to eat without the guilt or having to do strict diets.

Learn how to eat MINDFULLY and PURPOSELY, using science and holistic concepts.

Finally understand the WHY and HOW nutrition is tied directly to your immunity, weight, digestion, sleep, stress, and so much more!


You will learn how the body digests food, as well as the basic biochemistry around each Macronutrient (Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins) AND the Micronutrients, and what ACTUALLY happens when you eat them and why each is needed. Including the different types of each, and where you will find them!

I will also go over special topics, like gut health (and what that actually means), how/why nutrition is tied so closely to immunity and disease, gluten-free diets, as well as adaptogens.

But no topics are off the table! If you want me go over something more in depth, I will! I am here for YOU!

Don’t worry, I will teach it in a easy, understandable way for anyone, especially for people with NO SCIENCE background to understand! (That’s what I am good at! Teaching science to anyone!)

Learning how your body digests, absorbs, and actually uses each nutrient is the FIRST STEP to UNDERSTANDING how to make appropriate food choices that work FOR YOU.

Even though my background is chemistry in addition to holistic coaching, I have taught this course at a University level for years, to students (most with no science background) in an easy, layman’s terms-kinda way that anyone can understand. And now I am doing it successfully for everyone else!

This is definitely not your usual science course!


I will also include many holistic topics along the way that will teach you how to learn how to intuitively eat. Learning how to read your own body’s cues and symptoms is the SECOND STEP to EMPOWERING yourself to being comfortable in making your OWN food choices that BENEFIT you.

THIS is how you break the constant stress cycle of “Am I eating the right things?” or feeling guilty because you ate something “unhealthy.”

I want YOU to leave this course, understanding EXACTLY what is in your FOOD and HOW to USE this information to fit your lifestyle.


Through mini homework assignments, group discussions, and LIVE sessions with me, you will gain the CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION to be able to leave the course feeling like you can FINALLY EAT FREELY, while still getting the BENEFITS you seek.

This course is designed to give you valuable insight into the reasons WHY nutrition is tied to overall digestive health, mental health, stress and anxiety, weight management, immunity and disease prevention!

Topics Covered
  • Digestion and Gut Health
  • Different types of Carbs and how we digest, absorb and store them
  • What happens when we eat too much sugar
  • The different types of fat
  • Why eating fat is so important
  • How we digest, store and absorb fat and what our body does with it
  • What is protein and why we need to eat protein
  • How we digest and use protein
  • What is gluten, and Gluten-free diets
  • Micronutrients and Importance of eating plants
  • How immunity is tied to nutrition
  • How antioxidants work
  • Intro to adaptogens
What you will receive
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • SIX LIVE lectures, where you will be able to ask questions and get instant answers to all your nutrition/food-related questions in real time!
  • Video replays of all the sessions.
  • A take-home workbook, with all the course notes, as well as added space to take your own notes during each session
  • Food examples and food advice
  • Mini homework assignments that will allow you to apply what you learned
  • Live Discussions in a supportive and loving Environment to share thoughts and ideas.

This course is set up so you get the live-lecture experience, but with the enhanced ability to watch the sessions later and still be able to interact live with me to get all your questions answered (both during and after each session!).

My focus is to make sure that you will leave the course more empowered and more knowledgeable about your own food choices, with the ability to finally make the food-health connections to improve your overall well-being.

What some of my attendees said from the last session:

“The delivery and content of Lia’s course is excellent. She really knows the biochemistry on the fascinating subject of nutrition and what our bodies do with food at a cellular level. Thankfully she also knows how to explain this in a clear, patient and engaging way and is very balanced with her views, staying true to the science and undistorted by crazy diet trends. If you want a better understanding of what happens to food in your body and practical guidance on how to make better decisions about what you eat – this is the course for you!” -R

“When I heard that Lia was not only a health coach but a science professor I was so interested in learning from her. I signed up for her “Learn how to Eat” course and loved it. She did not disappoint. She kept it simple enough for anyone to understand. I recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn more about what they eat and why its so important. Lia is authentic and truly wants to help people live a healthier lifestyle”. -K

This course taught me the fundamentals of how to eat healthy and feel my best.  Lia’s sessions are rooted in chemistry and science, but she teaches the content in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.  Thanks to her, I feel empowered and knowledgeable when it comes to food and my health.

I used to have so many questions about why I felt the way I did after eating.  Not only did Lia help me understand why I was feeling the way I did, but she taught me how to improve my gut, digestion, and overall well-being.  To this day, I am still using and practicing what I learned from this course”. -D

“I took Lia Faherty’s nutrition course in December and was quite amazed. As a 63 year old that has been dieting on and off throughout my life (especially after childbirth and menopause) I thought I knew a lot about eating right. Well being educated by Lia was both informative and interesting. She breaks down information so it’s understandable. I actually liked the chemistry part of it also. I’m still learning about how the food I eat effects my system. I highly recommend her course, I will be doing a refresher course in the future”. -S

Wouldn’t it be nice to just KNOW exactly what food does to INSIDE your body.
Be able to make the connections between Food and your overall wellbeing.
Gain valubale insight and the reasons why nutrition is tied to your immunity and overall health.
Bringing it back to the basics, will change the way you approach food.

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However, I highly recommend the LIVE SESSIONS , so you can ask questions, post comments, and just be able to interact in REAL time! (I still make sure everyone’s questions get answered, even you are catching the replays!)

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