I hate talking about weight loss

I hate talking about weight loss.

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Which is why you mostly see me addressing other big issues: lack of energy, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, etc… However, generally when you fix those issues, your weight normalizes too (happy byproduct of getting healthy).  Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to health.

But this time of year, weight loss becomes a hot topic because it’s usually on a lot of people’s resolution list next month. I get it. I used to do it too.

Every year, one of my resolutions was to get “healthy, ” “get back on “track,” “exercise more,” etc. Really what it meant was I wanted to lose weight. I was even a little apprehensive about getting pregnant too because I was afraid of gaining a ton of weight and not being able to get it off. It happens to many women. Being pregnant is extremely hard and then you have the baby and also a bunch of weight that wasn’t there before. It messes with your head. Because the reality is: most women are always thinking about their weight.

At the top of my pregnancy, I was around 190 lb. Only 8 lb 11 oz was X. It took about 6-9 months to get back to my pre-baby weight (and then some..because I lost a lot of muscle tone being pregnant, which is why scales are deceiving too). I think I gained about 50-60 lbs being pregnant.

The first few months, I was in the infant vortex, where I didn’t know what day it was, so I was just trying to make it to the next day, so I didn’t focus on it. My focus was my baby (which it should). I was very aware that the weight would come off on its own and it shouldn’t be my focus (I also didn’t have the brain bandwidth anyway). Eventually, the weight started to bother me a little, but really I just wanted to wear my clothes again. Especially my jeans. I was basically living in pj’s and yoga pants (well, I still do..unless I am teaching.) Before that, I was in maternity clothes for half a year (and still wearing some of it). I just really missed my clothes! I wanted to not look like a slob.

But I never dieted, or did anything crazy or extreme. For one, when you are nursing you have to make sure you are eating and getting in nutrients for both you and the baby. I always made sure I ate something (even if it was a cookie). But every month, my clothes began to fit me better and better. Then one day, I tried on my favorite pair of jeans and realized that they finally fit me again. And that’s all I wanted.

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Losing the baby weight, for me, didn’t really require a lot of thinking. Why? Because I don’t diet (anymore) or do any fancy tricks. I just eat real food.  My focus was always on just keep eating and focus on quality not quantity. Its the ONLY thing that has worked. The only thing that has allowed me to finally lose weight and KEEP it off, without really thinking about it was to just focus on eating REAL food.

I never tell my clients or students to count calories or anything similar In fact, I purposely don’t really get into calories much (other than what they are and where they come from). I also don’t teach about a specific diet (which I think bugs a lot of my students because I think they wish I did). I can’t though. Everyone is different. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. If something is working for you, keep going. If it isn’t, then change it. Instead, I always teach and stress: REAL FOOD FIRST.

It took me YEARS to figure this out. YEARS. It’s the reason why I teach nutrition and became a health coach. I learned a lot, just figuring it out for myself. My eating habits are in constant flux. I think that’s a good thing. I eat differently as a breastfeeding mom, than I did before (a LOT more carbs). But I always focus on WHAT I am eating. Am I getting enough nutrients? If I were to pinpoint anything that I do focus on its NUTRITION, not macros or calories. How nutrient dense are the foods I am eating? Am I packing in as much nutrition as possible in this meal?

I am all about doing a health reset, 30 days to healthy living, keto, whole30, etc. Because, if done correctly, they all basically have the same principal: Eat real food. Less crap. Less sugar. Drink less. No processed food. Etc. Better nutrition = better health.

If you are really honest with yourself. What does your day-day eating look like? Are you focusing on how many nutrients you are getting? Are you eating real food? Are you eating home cooked food?Yes, part of being healthy means you have to cook. You don’t have to be chef, but you do have to cook. You need to control what you eat. That’s just the hard truth. You don’t have to count calories, how much carbs/fat/protein you are eating. You just have to cook and eat real food. Nutrition only comes from real food. Not boxed/bagged/already prepared food.

I lost the weight before and I had no issue losing the weight after having a baby because I cook majority of my meals (granted I live in the boonies now, with NO decent take-out options or restaurants..seriously taco bell was the only thing on grubhub…no joke). But, I also realized that if I am to eat real food, the only way to do it, is if I make it. I think you know that too.

I still eat chocolate, drink martinis, and splurge a little…but the rest of the time: I just focus on eating real food. Less take out. Less boxed or junk food (yes, I said “less” I am still human with a toddler). Just food. Then I focus on eating less sugar, and more vegetables and quality fats. 

No counting, no dieting. You have to go back to the basics. No gimmicks. Enjoy life and eat real food. Just EAT.

Is losing weight on your list this year? Let me help you. I can help you incorporate more home-cooked meals into your life (even if you “hate” to cook or “don’t have time”). I can help you with whatever “reset” you are doing, so it actually works for you. I can be that person who walks you off the food ledge, if you need that person in your life. Whatever support you need, I can be that person.

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