I am not my Hair! (Inspired by India Arie)

What style is your hair right now? Right now, how is your hair? Is it up, down, in braids, in locs? Or did you cut it or shave it off?

Whatever your answer is isn’t really important because hair isn’t important. Yes, you might feel good
when your hair is done but you might feel just as good when you shave your hair off and perhaps feel like a burden has suddenly lifted.

I’ve had many hair journeys in my life. I’ve cut it a million times and I’ve had so many styles. The more styles I had, the more time I spent on my hair. I definitely lived in the moment when it came to my hair. A lot of the time I didn’t feel beautiful or even presentable when my hair wasn’t done.

Different hair styles to showcase hair journey
Examples of the many styles I have had over the years.

Because in the Black Community our hair is looked at like crowns. Our hair is magical yes, from the texture to the amount of diversity we have when it comes to styles. However it isn’t everything and when your hair “isn’t done,” you shouldn’t feel any less than when your hair is done or styled in a “presentable” way.

Right now my is hair loc’d and I love it. I do style over it, but never in my life have I appreciated my hair so much in its natural form. Not only did I love my hair as it is, I loved it even when it was shaved. I found beauty in how I loved myself more as I progressed as a person rather than how my hair was styled. No one should rely on their hair to make them feel a certain way but if they do the magic of it comes from beneath the surface.

When that light shines from within you will never worry about your hair. Loving yourself completely takes time yes. Practicing to love yourself can start now. India Arie said it best

I am not my hair, I am not this skin
I am not your ex-pec-tations no no
I am not my hair, I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within “
Be that soul. It’s the most beautiful part of you.

-India Arie
Saadiqa Vann
Saadiqa Vann

My name is Saadiqa Vann and I am 29 years old from Philadelphia Pa. I went to college at Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a B.A. in Communications, Art and Science. I started my own Organic and Vegan cosmetics company in 2019, called Queen Elite. I focus on what ingredients that are best for the skin and I make everything that I sell. As an artist, I love incorporating Art into my business where I also make vegan candles! I am also a published author, where you can find my novel, Nubia’s Adventures in the Fourth Dimension on Amazon!