6 Natural Herbs You Can Mix with Your Cannabis 

Hey, did you know you can smoke natural herbs with your cannabis? Yea, I found this out over a year ago, and I have been doing it ever since. Not only are the herbs natural, but each one serves a spiritual and physical purpose.

One of the most significant benefits I gain by mixing my herbs is that they help me retain my cannabis way longer. Buying and smoking cannabis can be expensive, and this helps me save so much money.

I do want to mention that if you are a person who likes to smoke to get extremely high, then this is not for you. Mixing the herbs means less weed than usual. While this may be a bad thing for others, it was a huge benefit for me. I personally like having that balance while smoking.

I also want to say to please do your own reach before using any herb. This article is here just to give you the basic properties.

Okay, now pay attention because I am about to list off each herb. And at the end, I will give you a reliable source on where to get the herbs from and the ingredients of my favorite blends.

Lets dive in!

dried lavender to mix with cannabis

The sweet smell of lavender just makes me feel so calm and relaxed. This scent is found in many different natural products, but not many people know that you can actually smoke it. Here are some benefits.

Magick and Spiritual properties: warding off evil, associated with divination and the third eye.

Physical properties: calming, aids in sleep and anxiety

I love to smoke this at night, right before bed, or a relaxing evening in the house.

dried mugwort to mix with cannabis

Out of all of the herbs, this might be my favorite. This herb came to me in a lucid dream. In my dream, a spiritual teacher came to me and told me to take mugwort for my third eye. At this time, I had heard of mugwort but was not sure about what it was for. Here are some benefits.

Magick and Spiritual properties: third eye, lucid dreaming, psychic connection

Physical properties: regulating menstruation and calming the digestive system

My favorite time to mix this herb in is during mediations. Mugwort + cannabis (Sativa) helps clear my mind and open my third eye, allowing me to go deeper into meditation.

(Tip place this herb under your pillow for lucid dreams)

dried mint to mix with cannabis

Ah yes, mint. The herb that gives everything a cool sensation. When smoking mint, that’s exactly what you will feel, a cool sensation down your throat and in your lungs as you are smoking. Not many noticeable benefits, but here are a few.

Magick and Spiritual properties: attract wealth, attract love, keep out evil, and enhance overall wellbeing

Physical properties: digestion, cool throat

I love to mix this with my cannabis just for the flavor, smell, and cool throat.

dried damiana to mix with cannabis

Damiana is an exciting herb. It is an ancient aphrodisiac, meaning it can cause sexual desire or excitement. I personally have never felt the sexual effects while smoking, but I have felt the excitement effect. Trying it in a tea form might help with feeling the sexual effects. Here are few more benefits:

Magick and Spiritual properties: visions, physic ability, aphrodisiac

Physical properties: Hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and depression, UTI

I like to mix damiana in my cannabis during the day. It brings me good and clean mental energy.

dried rose to mix with cannabis

Yes! Rose, the flower of love. This herb makes my cannabis look soo pretty once mixed in. Rose has many benefits and properties.

Magick and Spiritual properties: self-love, love, healing, Enhances female intuition

Physical properties: aiding inflammation and regulating menstrual cycles and being anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and possibly helping with depression.

My favorite time for Rose is when I want time to promote self-love. This plant helped me create a deep love for myself over time.

dried chamomile  to mix with cannabis

I love adding this pretty yellow flower to my cannabis. This plant has a pretty similar effect as lavender when smoking it. It helps relax and promotes deep sleep. Here are a few more benefits.

Magick and Spiritual properties: ward off evil. chamomile is known as a lucky flower, used to attract money

Physical properties: Sleep, anxiety

My favorite Blends

Sleepy Time: Cannabis (Hybrid or Indica), Lavender, Chamomile, Mugwort 

Deep Meditation blend: Cannabis (Sativa), Mugwort, Damina, Rose, Mint or Healing Healing Roots Cinnamon Cira Blend

Self love Blend: Cannabis ( Sativa): Healing Roots Passionate Peace Blend

Where I Get My Dried Herbs From

Your Local Health Food store 

Healing Roots Herbalism (My favorite)


This article was reprinted with permission and was originally published on Over the Moon Writing, and can be seen here.

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Kailyn Allen

Kailyn is a Natural/Alternative Health Copywriter and the founder of Over the Moon Writing LLC. She is a black business owner who loves to write fiction, watch anime, read Harry Potter, and eat vegan food. Her mission is to use her copywriting to spread the word of veganism, sustainability, self-development, and the other things that help save people and the earth.