The Wellness Chronicles: My Journey to a Healthier Life

by Anna Bechtel

How I Pushed Myself at the Gym to Stay Consistent

I’ve been going to the gym a lot this year. And I’m actually sticking to it. Which is pretty impressive for me!

At first, I was just aiming for consistency. I wanted to just go to the gym, workout for a decent amount of time, a couple times a week. And I achieved that. But to avoid workout plateaus and decreased motivation, I had to switch it up.

The New Year Blues: A Personal Account of How 2023 Lacks Originality, and How I plan to Fix it

As I am writing this, it’s the end of February 2023. This year is officially in swing. It’s no longer socially acceptable to say “Happy New Year.” And we all should be used to 2023 now, right?

Well, I’m not there yet. I feel like it’s still 2022 for some reason. And I wasn’t sure why. Until I did some recalling of what 2022 was like for me.

Why I Decided To Stop Tracking My Diet & Exercise

The Food Diary. Something that many people recommend as a way of improving your health and wellness routine. If you see what you eat each day and how much you workout, you might be able to change it, right?

Inhale, Exhale, & Say “Namaste”: The Benefits of Yoga

If you’ve gone away this summer or are planning to go away anytime soon, you

I’ll admit that yoga wasn’t always my favorite workout.

In fact, I never really even liked yoga all that much. I thought it was boring, it didn’t relax me, and some of it hurt. However, with the pandemic happening, I’ve had to switch to at-home workouts. And now that I’m out of school and stressed with work, yoga and meditation has actually helped me calm down. 

How I Became a Vegetarian

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. My mother was allergic to fur and feathers, which meant no pets, but that didn’t stop me from loving animals, and playing with my friend’s pets. I think because I’m such an animal lover, becoming a vegetarian was inevitable. 

When I was six years old, I learned from my aunt where beef came from. And I didn’t eat the steak my mom had made for dinner that night. It felt weird, because I liked beef, I liked meat, but I didn’t want to eat an animal. However, I didn’t become a vegetarian at that moment.

My Obsession With Healthy Eating

Eating disorders. We all know what they are. We know the expected eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia. We also know some of the lesser known ones, like body dysmorphia and binge eating. However, there are other forms of eating disorders out there, ones that you might not have even thought of.

<strong>Anna Bechtel</strong>
Anna Bechtel

Anna is from and currently resides in Hamden, CT. She went to Drew University, where she majored in English and minored in media & communications. Anna is a freelance writer, and has written for Eat This Not That, Celebwell, The Odyssey Online,, The Access Report, and The Buttonwood Tree. Anna also has her own blog, All Podcasts All The Time. In her spare time, she loves dancing, photography, shopping, listening to podcasts & music, and watching reality TV.