Health and Nutrition Coaching

We know how hard it is to make necessary health changes when you are busy and overwhelmed.

Health coaching provides the support and guidance, gives you the motivation to overcome these hurdles, which will lead to FAST and LASTING progress in your health and life goals.

You weren’t able to do it on your own.

If you continue doing nothing, nothing will change in your life.

You will continue to feel frustrated, exhausted, unmotivated, and DEFEATED every time you think about your current life.

You need health coaching. You need a group of cheerleaders at your back, helping you, motivating you, encouraging you, and breathing life into you again.

Health coaching will bring that balance back into your life. It will help you get unstuck. You will breathe easier everyday, and feel lighter because you are finally getting results and finally seeing progress that you have been struggling with on your own

Examples of Real Client Results!

  • Confidence in the kitchen to cook healthy meals (without recipes!)
  • Weight loss
  • Increased flexibility and muscle strength
  • Better and more quality sleep
  • Successful implementation of morning and evening routines
  • New confidence in work, resulting in more success at work and improved work/life balance
  • Consistent periods and predictable monthly cycles
  • Decreased need for medications
  • Increase in daily motivation and a decrease in procrastination
  • Reversal of cystic acne
  • Improved skin, hair, and nails
  • Improved libido
  • Decrease in autoimmune symptoms, like rashes and hives
  • Improved relationships with friends, family, and partners
  • Decrease in stress and anxiety
  • Decrease in digestive distress and discomfort
  • Improved and consistent bowel movements
  • Eliminated soda
  • Dramatic increase in eating more vegetables and fruits, and drinking water
  • Elimination of brain fog and increase in overall brain clarity
  • Elimination of heart palpitations
  • Consistent exercise schedule

“Not only did working through foundational things help my eating overall, working with Lia unearthed my own confidence. Working together during this unprecedented time in the world was such a beacon of light. Having a connection with someone I knew was invested in my personal well-being and betterment helped me get through isolation and quarantine. Setting weekly goals and knowing I had someone to be accountable to helped keep me together during a time where it could have been really easy to fall apart.

All the changes I see I feel like stem from the same thing: a mindset change that took time to build and will still continue to be a work in progress, but working with Lia helped get me on a path to a deeper understanding of my own happiness, my body’s needs, my inner workings, and stuff that easily falls to the wayside when we’re all trying to rush around and get stuff done. ” – Amanda B.  

You will continue to feel exhausted and defeated, and nothing will change unless you do something about it!

Not ready to commit? No problem!

Coaching Promise:

Lia guarantees that during each personal coaching session: it will remain confidential between you and Lia only; Lia will provide the best health and nutrition guidance based on her education as a nutrition instructor and coach, as well as the most current science and evidence-based information from scientific and health literature; Lia will only provide diet and health recommendations that you feel comfortable with, and that you both agree on, based on your private discussions. If at all you are not absolutely delighted and feel like you are not getting the service you were hoping for, Lia insists that you tell her and she will help you get the necessary refund.

Have any questions or need more information? Send me a direct message below!