Author Spotlight: Dara Hall

I’ve learned I’m not the best at meditating in a quiet space and just focusing on my breath. Not only because I live with 5 other people (with one on the way btw), but because my mind at times can be on hyperdrive, and I need help focusing my attention. Guided meditations have become a crucial part of my daily self-care routine. Finding the right one can be tough though, there are so many! According to Appinventiv, “More than 2,500 meditation mobile applications have been launched since 2015”. To help you in your self-care journey, I tried three of the top meditation apps and one that’s a little more obscure. I investigated if the app is worth investing in and what the free version offers you. As a disclaimer I was not paid by any of these apps to provide a review, I tried them purely out of curiosity.

The relationship between nutrition and mood disorders

I was diagnosed with a mood disorder in the summer of 2019. My first steps were getting my mind and me on the same page, then headed towards a better relationship. Soon after, I started figuring out what my treatment would look like and what I should add to my life, like therapy and support groups. But something I’ve to strive to implement, and that always comes up between myself and my doctors, is the importance of good nutrition.

5 Self-care Activities to Help You Feel Balanced

Losing your equilibrium is bound to happen from time to time. There could be many reasons, which makes finding your footing that much harder. But, having something in your back pocket to help sway you into a more positive direction can make all the difference. Here are five self-care activities that help me feel balanced. 

Dara Hall
Dara Hall

Dara is a Wellness & Lifestyle Writer based out of the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for self-help, self-care, and mental health grew from her own struggles with mental illness and a desire to showcase that you don’t need all the fancy accessories to take care of yourself. When she isn’t writing you can find her exploring local bakeries and learning everything she can about sharks. Connect with her on Instagram or LinkedIn.