Group Health Coaching

Isolation Fails, Community Heals

Peer to peer support that leads to better results in shorter the time!


Group coaching allows for deeper connections through shared experiences and community support which has been shown to increase success for individual health goals.


Because you are not alone in your journey with people working along side you, you will gain the confidence and motivation to ensure a higher success rate in reaching your goals!

Faster Progress

Instead of just one person helping you alone, you have your entire group circle cheering you on! This helps you reach your goals even quicker!

New Perspectives

Listening to new ideas and other experiences will enable to you to think about your goals in a different way which will lead to better insight and problem solving!

Better Value

Group coaching allows the same (may even be better!) success as individual coaching, but at a reduced group rate!

More Fun!

Everything is always more fun with friends, which is what your group circle will become! By going through this experience together will make your journey more motivating, energizing, and fun!

What is involved in a Group Coaching Session?

  • 90 min- session via Zoom (or similar video conference system).
  • Sessions are moderated by a certified and trained health coach.
  • Specific and targeted health, nutrition, mindset, and coaching topics are discussed.
  • Everyone helps each other set actionable, but doable goals each session to further their own health progress.
  • Then these goals and accomplishments are celebrated!
  • Safe space to share and discuss private health issues
  • Private group chat to stay connected between sessions members and coach.

About Lia

Lia is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach with over 8+ years teaching nutrition and chemistry. She uses both current science and holistic nutrition techniques to ensure that her clients get the transformational and life-changing results they were unable to achieve on their own.

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