Instapot Baby Food for Real People



I am obsessed with food. Like, I think about it all the time. I am always asking my husband, “What did you want for lunch?” at like 9 am. “What do you want for dinner?” at like 1 pm. (I drive him crazy…haha). Part of this, is just that I need to plan in advance but also because I am just always thinking about my next meal. Before I went down the chemistry path, I was full on on a chef path. I just LOVE to eat and also cook.

Sidebar: I do realize that there are a lot of people out there, who hate to cook and its a big chore for them. I totally get that. It can be really stressful to constantly have to come up with food ideas on what to make, then actually go through the process of food shopping, finding recipes and then actually cooking. Which is why having to make food for a tiny human can be extremely daunting. That’s why I wanted to write this post. Making baby food is actually easier to make than adult food. It requires less thinking, but it will need some upfront work. The best things to have are a blender, steamer of some sort (or an INSTAPOT!) and a freezer. I also recommend these ice cube things that help too (which I link below).

I like having the Instapot for this because, its literally “set and forget.” When the time is up you don’t have to rush back to open it. It will just sit there, and stay warm for you for when you remember. Genius! (You can also use it for other things too…)

Ok back to story:

So, when it became time for X to start to eat solids, I was psyched!!! As a mom, we all want our babies to eat the “right” things at the “right” time. We started X on solids, I think…, right when he hit 5 months. He was sitting up and had become really interested every time we were eating. My dad kept telling me, “Give him food! He wants to eat!” Naturally, I became obsessed with his “first” food. I know that many people introduce rice cereal first, but when as I went down the google rabbit hole about this subject (cause you know we all do this), I learned you don’t have to and avocados are also a popular choice. YES!….love avocados! This made sense to me, because avocados are fairly neutral in flavor, have lots of nutrition and fat!! (And you know how I feel about my healthy fats…EAT OF THEM!).

So, we did it. At first, he was like “WTF are you shoving in my mouth?” But then on the next go, he LOVED it!! I literally just took some avocado and pureed it really smooth with a fork. Put some of it on his baby spoon and he happily ate it. I could basically add anything to avocado now and he would eat it.

Next came the actual purees. I decided to wait to give X fruits. I was very adamant about not giving him sweeter things from the get go because 1. He doesn’t need them 2. Breast milk is crazy sweet anyway 3. He needed to experience other flavors 4. He needs to love veggies.

Initially, I was just steaming whatever we were making as a veg. Then added a splash of water (never had to use breast milk because I never had any to spare, if being honest). Water works fine. Then just threw the food into my ninja and blended the crap out of it.

First foods were: carrots, peas, kale, broccoli, spinach, beets, butternut squash, cauliflower, green beans, and sweet potato. Basically any veggie I had, I just steamed and pureed. Then, later I introduced apples, pears, and bananas.

PS, Beet puree is crazy good. I could see a chef using that as her fancy puree add on to a fancy dish. Just sayin…

The only tricky thing we noticed was after pureeing peas, we had to push the puree through a strainer to get it smooth. Just FYI.

Enter the Instapot!

So, here’s the deal. Even though I am a stay at home mom. I still barely have time to shower, let alone make baby food at every meal. That’s insane and to the supermoms who are doing that, you are a supermom. I am never that together. The days I get showered and dressed are special days. So, I batch cook his baby food now. Enter the Instapot. (Note: if don’t have one, you can still steam the old fashioned way, but having the Instapot means if I forget it on the stove, it won’t burn..which I have done and he has had burnt carrots as a result..#truestory).

Organic produce is preferred (if you can swing it). Just less chemicals for a tiny growing human is just better in my opinion. Also, there is evidence that organic produce does contain more nutrients than conventional.

I have actually been using Misfits Market, (<referral) which delivers a box of organic produce for like 20 bucks every week. Super easy and I don’t have to go to the store!! We love it. So, if you hate going to the store, I would try this, if your area supports it.

Lets use the example of


  1. Wash, peel, core, and cut up apples into cube pieces. Three apples makes enough to last a while.
  2. Add to Instapot with a dash of water.
  3. Put lid on, and tighten, make sure its set to SEALING.
  4. Press Pressure Cook (normal), and set time to 8 min.
  5. Walk away.
  6. When you remember you are cooking something in your Instapot (I never rush back to it when it stops, I usually let it sit for a few extra (or lots) or minutes…never hurts anything), go and vent it (or just open if its been a while). We have babies remember and therefore #mombrain.
  7. Now, if you have a stick blender, you can blend straight in pot. If not, just transfer apple mixture into blender and puree.
  8. DONE. EASY.
  9. Repeat with next veggie/fruit.

You can also leave them chunky and not puree, if your baby is eating more chunky solids. It will be soft enough for them to pick up and eat, which is why I cube it at the beginning.

Now, this is when I batch freeze. I bought freezer trays from amazon for this. This is the one I have.  I love it, everything pops out really easily and I just transfer them to a freezer bag once they are frozen.

I have bags of apples, carrots, zucchini, butternut squash, green beans, beets, rice cereal, tofu, farro cereal, oatmeal, etc. in my freezer.

You can do this method with just about any veggie or fruit you have. If you choose to, you can add a seasoning. Certain veggies you might have to peel first like apples, pears, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, etc. But the same method applies for steaming.

So to make life easy, if you do this on one afternoon with a few different veggies, you will have enough to last you a LONG time.

My method is do this every now and then to up my stash. Then during dinner (or whatever meal I am having), and I am making something I think would be easily smooshable or just soft enough, I give him that instead (also to keep the variety up). If I have extra of that meal, I just put it in the mold for later.

This method really will always ensure you have food ready. No thinking about food later. No need to buy food. Its also super portable this way too.

Time to eat

When its time to eat, I just pop out a food block and thaw it (usually in microwave because I am HUMAN). Easy. Done.

For cereals: You can blend rice (or farro, or whatever grain) in a blender until fine powder. Then cook like you would be making porridge or oatmeal (1/2 c ground rice: 2 c water). You can individually freeze this too. You can do this in the Instapot too…same time, 8 min OR the use rice function. Both work the same, I found.


Never buy baby food again.

You honestly don’t have to. Its expensive. They always add something to it. Once you see how easy it is to make it and batch freeze it, you will see that it isn’t hard. Plus, you have the peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what you are feeding your baby, which is ultimately what every parent wants.

Also, what I have learned is that you don’t have to be so choosy with his foods. He literally eats what we eat. With that said, you need to up the variety in your diet, so your baby has variety too (if you are a picky eater yourself).

The other night, I roasted cauliflower and onions with some olive oil. Then just smashed some up for X and he loved it too. Your baby is not that picky. This is something I learned. He actually prefers the veggies over the fruits now. Which is awesome, in my opinion.

Also, I have bought this book which was SUPER helpful in the beginning. (I bought the kindle version, which was cheap!).

What do you think? Was this post helpful? Would love to hear your thoughts!




Eat a pickle: Good for your gut and your mind

A few months ago, one of my students told me about this site, where for about 20 dollars, they send you a box of organic produce. However, you don’t pick what they put in it. The site is Misfits Market  (that’s a referral link). Its awesome, they send you so much stuff! Its basically “cast offs” of fruits/veggies that aren’t good enough for the stores, but everything they have sent us so far has been good! I love it!

Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of cucumbers lately and one of my favorite things to do is pickle them. Not your standard vinegar pickles, but lacto-fermented pickles.


Why lacto-ferment?

  1. They taste better.
  2. They are super healthy! Fermented foods should be at the top of your list of healthy things to eat. For some people this is tricky, because these types of foods might not be everyday foods. Other fermented foods are kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt and of course, pickles!

Fermented foods are excellent at keeping your gut healthy, or rather the bacteria in your gut healthy and happy.

The gut microbiome consists of over 1000 microbial species. You literally have more live bacteria in your body than your own cells! These little guys affect your immune system, digestive system, metabolism, vitamin synthesis, allergies, and MOOD.

Keep them happy and they will literally keep you happy.

Majority of the serotonin in your body is produced in your gut. Also, I would think that if your immune system, digestive system and metabolism are working good, you might tend to be happier overall as well.

These little guys are super sensitive and can be affected by eating the wrong things, stress, antibiotics, environmental toxins, and other chemicals.

One of the first things we tell clients when they are feeling “off,” or are having digestive issues, inflammation issues or just want to get healthier, is to make sure their gut is healthy first.

Lacto-fermented Pickles

  1. To make the brine: Dissolve 2 tab sea salt in 1 liter room temperature water (filtered is better).
  2. Cut up your cucumbers (long ways like a sandwich pickle or into slices, whatever shape you like).
  3. Put cut-up cucumbers into a clean jar (I just wash mine really well with soap/water).
  4. Add flavorings.
  5. Once you add everything to your jar, fill it with your brine all the way to the top. Need to make sure the cucumbers are completely submerged.
  6. Then lightly place the jar lid on top. Don’t screw down, because the bubbles created will create too much pressure.
  7. Keep jar somewhere where it won’t be disturbed (I keep mine in a cabinet in my kitchen).

Flavorings: You can get creative with this. But this is what I like: A handful of fresh dill, half garlic clove, 1 tsp peppercorns, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 dry thai chile (can omit if don’t want spicy).

Check on them in a few days and see if you like the taste of them. If they aren’t “pickled” enough for you, just let them sit longer.

Notes: You want to see bubbles and cloudiness, that means its working. If you see anything else strange, something else is going on and you might need to start over.


Let me know if you try them! I also pickled carrots too!

June Newsletter

Hi Friends,

So, June is over, but I technically started this letter a few days ago and then life got in the way a bit, and I didn’t send it out, so let’s pretend its still June, haha.

In baby news, I am one week away from being officially in my third trimester!! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. (Also, I feel so huge already and I still have 3 months left!!, which freaks me out, no joke). We have started the process of getting his room ready. Majority of the the stuff that was in there, got relocated /stored (or rather, threw into a box that went into attic). We also bought the paint and supplies. I don’t want anything too “baby” or “blue” just because he’s a boy, so we are keeping a rather neutral theme (walls are going to be light gray), but then add in some fun details along the way. I’ll post pictures on IG, when its all done.


I am halfway through my health coaching program, so excited!! I have learned so much already and I cannot wait to help people and spread my knowledge! This past month, we focused a lot on digestive issues, like gluten-sensitivity and how the microbiome plays such a fundamental role in our health. Also a lot about autoimmune diseases, allergies, food sensitives and leaky gut, and how nutrition plays such a huge role in helping people with these types of ailments too. Very interesting stuff.

I have thought all month about what to include in this month’s newsletter. I was thinking about getting back to basics.

Since “gut health” has been getting a lot of attention these days. For good reason though. Like many things, I have seen that many people still don’t have a good understanding of how our digestive system works and how it’s literally tied to our health. So,


“What’s up with gut health?” 

We have about four major organs involved in our digestion system (there are other helper organs, but let’s keep things simple): Mouth, Stomach, Small Intestine and Large intestine. 
I think we all have a rough idea of how each work, but there are some things that I have found teaching the digestive system in class that many people don’t realize exactly how each work. 

1. Mouth. Yes, you taste and chew food (hopefully!). But in addition to chewing, there are actually enzymes in your saliva that already begin breaking down food further. So, the longer food hangs out in your mouth, the better, because in addition to chewing it, the enzymes (especially ones for carbs) are actually breaking things down on a molecular level as well. 

Quick explanation of an enzyme: Its a protein. It looks like pac-man (yes, like the video game). It has a mouth and everything. You have thousands of enzymes in your body (not just in your digestive system). They are molecules that make your body more efficient by making new molecules and also by breaking apart other molecules.  

Ok, back to to digestion.

2. Stomach. The big takeaway for the stomach is that it contains hydrochloric acid (which is crazy acidic, think pH 1-2, it would burn your skin if you touch it). The acidity of your stomach is so crucial for making sure proteins get broken down, pathogens get destroyed, and smaller food molecules can broken down. If the pH changes at all, these things just won’t happen. What could throw the pH off: Medicines (like an antacid…or others), bad food choices and even age can play a role. 

Side note: The pH scale is not linear, so even minor changes in the actual number, are actually big changes (The difference between pH 1 and pH 2 is 100 fold). So it’s a big deal if something affects that number. 
3. Small Intestine: This is where majority of your digestion happens. There are lots of enzymes here waiting to break things apart as small as possible. One enzyme for each job. Again, these enzymes are dependent on the pH of your small intestine (which is actually basic, pH 6-8). So, if somethings messes with that number, they won’t work.  Their job is to break things down as small as possible to get absorbed in the cells of your small intestine. Nutrients can only enter your body (for their destined purpose) if they are absorbed. No absorption = nutrients are useless. THIS is why they talk about the health of your gut being important. You could eat all the good things in the world, but if your small intestine does not absorb them, it’s pointless because they aren’t actually entering your body. The key thing here is to make sure your small intestine works properly. If the walls of your small intestine are damaged (from meds, bad food choices, allergies, disease, etc), nutrients will have a hard time getting absorbed OR the wrong things will slip by (creating even more havoc..aka “leaky gut”). 

4. Large Intestine. Everything that did not get broken down (and absorbed) by this point, ends up here. The major player here is bacteria! There are no enzymes here, only bacteria. The bacteria in your large intestine has been a big focus lately and there is a lot of research being done on it that is basically telling us, these little guys are doing A LOT. In addition to helping us break down food, they are linked to our mental health, autoimmune diseases and to our overall health in general. They even believe that these little guys are talking to our nervous system about other things. Isn’t that crazy? This is why you have seen an emergence in probiotics, fermented foods, and just gut health in general. What throws them off: meds (like antibiotics), bad food choices, chemicals, etc. 

So, what did we learn? A lot of things can throw off our body’s ability to digest food properly: too much medicine (especially antibiotics and antacids), wrong food choices and too much exposure to chemicals.  If we don’t absorb our nutrients properly, they won’t actually get into our bloodstream to go to the cells in our body. If we throw off the bacteria, it can lead to a whole cascade of problems that are linked to depression, brain fog, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, allergies, and basically so many things. 

Most of people’s “issues” are linked to bad digestion (improper nutrient absorption), but don’t realize it. If you suspect this may be the case for you, let me know and I can help your correct it. 

Arbonne’s nutrition program is also programmed to fix digestion too. Most people see it as a way to lose weight, but really you lose weight because your digestion is being fixed! Win win! I see now how powerful their program is to helping people fix a lot of problems…all stemming from digestive issues!! This program is perfect for people who don’t know where to start, work better with a support system, or just like being told what to do, because you get all the tools you need to be successful at it, like recipes and a support system! 


Super easy, quick,”real” pickle

Does anyone else love pickles, like I do? I don’t even think this is necessary a pregnancy thing either. I always loved them. I recently found out that pickles are a good way of adding more fermented foods into your diet to feed the good bacteria. However, those vinegar ones we generally buy in the store, don’t count! You have to make “real” ones. I found this super simple way to make them and I’m already on my 3rd batch this month. 

You just need a clean jar, veggies to pickle (like cucumbers, if staying conventional), salt, dill (dried or fresh) and one garlic clove. 

The amount of water and salt you need depends on the size jar you have. But for a regular sized one: Mix in 1-2 tab salt into 2 cups filtered water (you are making a brine).  Its ok, if salt settles to the bottom. 

Cut up veggies and shove into jar with the garlic and about 1 tsp dried dill (or 1 tab fresh). Pour in brine. Place (don’t tighten, keep lose) lid on top of jar. Place jar in a dark place in your kitchen (like in a cabinet). Let sit for at about 3 days. 

That’s it! You should see tiny bubbles and cloudiness, and of course they should taste like pickles. If anything smells or tastes off, throw away and try again. Store in fridge. 

These are for dill flavored ones, but you can totally change up the flavorings to your liking! Let me know if you try them! 


Lia’s Favorite Product of the Month

In keeping with today’s theme, I figured it made sense to showcase Arbonne’s Digestion Plus. This is a supplement, so it will not replace a bad diet, no matter what. Its job is to “supplement.” But if you are doing the 30 days clean eating program (which in itself improves your digestion), or already feel your eats are good,  it’s a nice compliment. What I love about it is that it contains the trifecta: probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (food for the bacteria) and enzymes! It also contains other natural things to help like chicory, peppermint and chamomile. Its safe to use everyday, and I think it tastes really good, sort of like unsweetened tea.


It comes in single serving packets (really easy to travel with). I tend to be really lazy about it and eat it like pixie stick, and then chase it with water (haha), but you can do it the real way and mix with water too. Some people also mix it in their smoothies or with a fizz stick. I make little “shots” of it for my husband to drink, because he’s lazy like me and prefers to shoot it, haha.



I wrote two blog posts this month about what my time in Vegas and also my top 5 personal development books that have really helped me. Both posts are very personal to me and took me a while to write, so check them out! 

My health coaching business is almost ready to go live! Yay!! If you would like a free health consult with me, I would love to talk to you! It can be via phone, video chat, or in person! Or, if you know of anyone, just send them my way too!

Follow me here! Instagram @balancedlifewithlia

Arbonne products can be seen here!

And if you are interested in a deeper discount on products, want some extra cash, an extra income stream to “take the load off” or just a fun thing to do! Arbonne is letting people sign up to be consultants this summer for only $49!
That’s insane! Very few places where you can literally have your own business for the cost of a dinner out! Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything!

April Catch Up

(reprinted from April)
Hi Friends,

Sorry for losing touch this past month. I really feel like March came and went and I didn’t even have a chance to process it. And now, April is basically doing the same thing.

Things are super busy with me. I am flying through my nutrition program at IIN (which is fantastic, I am learning so much), teaching at night, trying to get through my day job..and trying not to forget my amazing Arbonne clients in the process (thanks for the patience guys!).

Oh and one more thing! I am 4.5 months pregnant. 🙂

Yep, many years and months of finally happened in January. We are very happy, but at the same time taking things day by day, as to not get overwhelmed. It probably helps that I barely have any extra mental energy most of the time. But, I know some of you were probably sensing something was up with me, haha.

I am due Oct 2, and I will write out a separate post talking about this!


“Good Carbs” 

Anyway..back to the nutrition stuff. It’s been hard coming up with an interesting topic this month,
mostly because my eating is totally out of whack right now. But one thing that has caught my attention these past few weeks were whole grains (I know..doesn’t sound that exciting, but hear me out)

This is coming from a sort of carb-fearing person because pre-pregnancy, I always felt like just by looking at carbs, they made me bloat, lost my focus..and gain weight. I never paid much attention to whole grains. Sure, I kept hearing from “nutrition experts” that they were good for you (but I still kinda ignored it).

Enter pregnancy and all new cravings…

I very much believe that cravings are your body’s way of telling you something, like if you are missing a nutrient or in need of a nutrient, your body is trying to tell you that..hence cravings. So..I get pregnant and then I instantly started craved carbs like crazy! Like, I was literally daydreaming of stealing someone’s bread out of their hand one day because I had to have it..right that second.
(I didn’t….so you know, I’m not that crazy).

I realized that it’s really my body’s way of telling me, it needs more energy (to prepare and make baby). Then, I watched an amazing lecture about whole grains, and how much more nutrition they addition to carbs. Now, at this point I am intrigued, because my body is literally yelling for carbs and I am also trying to supplement with as much nutrient dense food I can, because I figured in growing a human, you need to make sure you are loaded up.

What struck me specifically about whole grains, was how much more was in it besides the usual suspects of carbs/fiber. They are basically a solid source of minerals…like ones you don’t hear about manganese. Then they started talking about different whole grains.
(side note: before this, whenever I heard “whole grains,” I just envisioned whole grain bread. Just me?)
Buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, millet, etc..are actually really nutrient dense foods.

I’ve been obsessed with breakfast porridge lately. I was making just regular oatmeal, but then I
discovered you can make a “porridge” out of a lot of things. Buckwheat has been my new favorite (its also more filling than oatmeal). Took some practice getting it right, but it really is delicious (the one I got is from Thrive market). I top it with berries (organic because berries are loaded with chemicals, like 100’s of them!), drizzle with coconut nectar (I like the taste, maple syrup or raw honey would work too), and maybe some almonds and/or coconut flakes.

Fiber is your friend. You need to eat more of it, especially when eating carbs. It slows everything down in your intestines, so you don’t absorb sugar fast (which is what you want).
Fast sugar absorption = high blood sugar = bad.
Fiber is usually the piece people forget about or don’t understand why “sugar” from fruit is considered better. (Hint: It’s really the fiber component). Sugar is always matter the source But if we could get it into our body slower, the better.

Minerals are also your friend. Minerals literally control every chemical reaction in your body, but they aren’t talked about enough. Sure, most people hear about the importance of electrolytes and hydrating..but that’s just one reason. Minerals keep your blood the right pH, your muscles working properly, your heart working properly, your digestion working properly, your metabolism working, etc..etc..etc…Eat lots of minerals and all of them!

Also, these bonus minerals are only found in real food. Nothing processed, at all. Hence, I tell my students and clients..real food first always. There is more to food then just the protein/carb/fat content. Lots more. If you are going to eat carbs…make them good ones.

 Lia’s Favorite Product of the Month

So, the products I want to tell you about this month are more like “aha!”
products for me. If you wear makeup…like at all, and you haven’t found
primers need to, like right now.

Disclaimer: I have always been skeptical of makeup primers in the past
because “I did not want one more thing on my face, ” you know what I

Then, I started to work long days. So first, I started with just the face
primer, and I realized that in addition to increased longevity of my face makes the makeup go on BETTER. Like, I cannot put
foundation on without it now because it doesn’t blend or melt on my
skin the same way! LIFE CHANGING. Also, the one from Arbonne,
literally feels like joke. This is amazing stuff here.

Then, I was very hesitate about the eye primer and it took me awhile to
even try it. But again..I was proven wrong. Longevity..yes, but it also
made my eye shadow go on BETTER and it even increased the color
pigment of the shadow, so it looked more professional and just better
overall. So now, I am a makeup primer convert and regardless of how
long my day is, I put them on.

Seriously, if you wear makeup at all, you need primer in your life. Your
makeup wearing life will be forever changed.

                      What’s new this month: 

Daily life musings can be found on Instagram @balancedlifewithlia

Arbonne products can be seen here!

ALSO: I need some help from you guys! As part of my health coach training, I need to
start practicing on real people. If you are interested in a free initial health consult
with me (so I can practice), please let me know. I will be forever grateful! It can be
over phone, in person, or via video chat!

Want to be part of May’s healthy living group to help
you get (or stay) on track this spring? We have
coaching, accountability partners, recipes and
everything you need to help! Let me know. I will get
you started right away! (Bikini season will be here sooner then you realize!) 

Thanks for reading and your continued support of me
and my new journey!

xoxooxox   Lia

February Newsletter

(reprint from February)

First, I just wanted to say “thank you!” to everyone who expressed their encouragement and comments to my first ever newsletter last month. I was a bit nervous to hit “send” because I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received.

Embarking on new things and going out of one’s comfort zone is never easy. This was one of those moments for me. So thank you again for taking the time to read, comment, and for your lovely notes.

This month I really wanted to talk about the importance of quality over quantity of foods and dispelling the “calories in, calories out” myth.

To be honest, I can go on and on about this topic. In fact, majority of my course is about it. But I tried to keep it short and to the point! If you would like to know more, let me know!

I also included my recipe for my super, nutrient dense, smoothie that I make everyday and also my favorite product of the month!!

Hope you enjoy!


Food Energy

I think most people when they start on some sort of “diet” in the beginning, they begin the calorie counting or portion monitoring game. I know I was one of those people. Honestly, did it actually work? I mean, working for the long term? Probably not. You were probably left hungry and not satisfied.

It is ingrained in us the theory of “calories in, calories out.” Doctors are telling us to “eat less, move more.” As if this was an easy thing to do, and the “be all, end all” to our problems. But the reality is..its not so black and white as this.

Your body doesn’t look at foods as to how many calories it contains. Its looks at the quality, not the portion or lack of.

Your body is looking at foods from a nutrient prospective. How many nutrients can it absorb and utilize from this food? What can it use? Is it supplied with the right stuff it needs? Then it just eliminates what it can’t use. If a food doesn’t give your body what it needs, it will leave you feeling hungry, crappy and just not satisfied. Not fun. Let’s start with two main nutrients:

You use two different nutrients primarily for energy (ie: calorie source): Glucose (ie: sugar and carbs) and Fatty acids (ie: fats!) Yes, technically protein can be listed here too, but that’s more if you’re starving..or lost on a desert island with no food. So lets get back to carbs and fats.

The reality is your body needs constant energy to basically “do stuff” like, make cells, digest food, your metabolism, fighting off disease, etc! Basically things to keep you alive and well. This energy comes from glucose and fatty acids (FA). Your body manipulates them into energy it can actually use. We see it as calories because a calorie is just a way of telling you how much energy it contains.. HOWEVER….

The way your body digests, sees, and manipulates glucose into energy, opposed to FA… VERY different. So, can 1 calorie from a sugar really equal 1 calorie from a fat, if your body is looking and treating them completely different? Of course not!!

Half of my course is just explaining the difference in how your body treats carbs and fats. But in a nutshell..everyone’s body is unique. Most people are eating too much of one and not enough of the other one and their body feels it. Usually, its too much carbs, because there still a fear of fat that has been prevailing society for the past 40+ years..with no scientific evidence to back it up….(in fact, its the opposite).

If you are one of those “low fat” people and still feel like crap and can’t lose weight or feel tired all the time. You need to switch it up. Replace your carbs/sugars with fat. You body is literally requesting it. Check your energy levels again. See how you feel. Rinse, repeat.

Also, check the source. Processed food with random ingredients will be treated different then real food with real ingredients. You body understands real food and knows what to do with it. You will naturally eat the appropriate portions, if you eat real food. Eat when hungry, stop when full. Yes, its that simple.

You want to eat food that contains a much nutrients as possible and the least amount of that “other stuff.” If you eat real food and listen to how your body responds to it. (If you are still hungry..its not enough and vice/versa.” ) You will never have to count anything ever again and still maintain a healthy weight and feel fantastic.

Nutrient Dense Smoothie

For years, I have made a breakfast smoothie every. single. morning. For three reasons: 1. I do not have time to make/eat “real” breakfast.” 2. I want a healthy, quick thing to make me feel like I started my day on the right foot. 3. I want to be held over until lunch. This checks all of these boxes. I tend to make it on my way out the door and drink en route to work.

This is packed with all the nutrients you need, in an easy to drink, need to think about it..way. You are welcome. 🙂

This is my recipe:
1 scoop Arbonne vanilla protein powder (all the amino acids, minerals, and vitamins)
1 scoop Arbonne protein boost (amino acids)
1/2 avocado (for fat, minerals and vitamins)
1/4 c frozen spinach (for minerals and vitamins)
1 tab ground flax seed (for fat and fiber)
Water or milk of choice, and blend!

To make fancy or added nutrients, can add of these fun bonuses:
1/4 c frozen berries (flavor, antioxidants, and vitamins)
1 tab hemp seeds, or chia seeds (fat and protein boost)
1 tab cacao butter (for fat and antioxidants)
1 tab cacao powder (for flavor and minerals)
1 tsp maca (superfood, good for hormone balancing)
1 tsp matcha (antioxidants and flavor)
1 tab coconut oil (fat and flavor
1 tab nut butter of choice (flavor, minerals, protein and fat)
1 scoop Arbonne Greens Balance (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals..lots of stuff)
1 scoop Arbonne Fiber boost (for you know..makes things move…)

Lia’s Favorite Product of the Month

I wanted to showcase my favorite products, so I can give my experience and tell you a little bit more about them. This month is my all-time favorite thing: Arbonne’s Energy Fizz stick.

This is THE product I seriously can NOT go without. I keep packets in my purse, in my desk, my lunchbox…literally everywhere. Because I have a fear of not having one around when I need it (not joking).

What is it?
It contains B vitamins and electrolytes, as well as natural herbs and green tea extract. All to help wake you up and beat dehydration!! I love it because it forces me to drink more water (you just pour a packet into a glass/bottle water). It fizzes…you add in a straw and you feel very fancy.

This stuff literally wakes my brain up..gets rid of the fog..without making me jittery. It has a way of clearing my head and helping me focus on what needs to be done. It also somehow put me in a better mood (I think its because I am actually Hence, why I must make sure I always have them on hand. Like always.

Plus they actually taste really good. Two flavors (pomegranate and citrus). They did have blackberry over the holidays, which I hope they bring back.

I HIGHLY recommend this because it. just. works.

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(Bikini season will be here sooner then you realize!)