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Four super easy ways to guarantee you will feel your best while on vacation

If you’ve gone away this summer or are planning to go away anytime soon, you might be familiar with the “preparing for vacation” fears that so many of us go through. Personally, I always end up freaking out about bloat ruining all of my hard work at the gym or not fitting into the dress I bought specifically for that “one” special event. When you’re living out of your suitcase, there’s only so much you can work with if you’re having an “off” day. Until now! 

Here are four ways to look and feel your best when you’re on vacation:

Five Steps to Take If You’re Frustrated After Overeating

It’s easy to feel like we’re losing control of our health-related goals after we eat a few too many slices of pizza and have one too many ice creams on a hot day. All year long, and in the summertime especially, we are hard on ourselves for not eating “correctly” and overeating “bad” food to the point of feeling guilty. For a lot of people, this post-binge circus of emotions can lead them to become frustrated, disappointed, and flustered–miserable to the point of either “giving up” and consuming even more food, or constricting themselves and scolding their reflections in the mirror. Rather than resort to one of these common tactics, however, I want to share with you five steps to take after you overeat that will actually make you feel better instead. 

Is social media throwing you off balance?

Whether your want a space to entertain or a place to relax our latest collection of living

Achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle isn’t done just through diet and exercise. In fact, there are plenty of factors that can really negatively affect you no matter how well you eat, and how often you go to the gym.

It’s no secret that as a society, social media plays a huge part in how we spend our day. And like anything else, if we’re not careful and spend an excess amount of time focused on negative images, messages, and feelings—then we’re going to feel, well, negatively. 

So how do we avoid falling victim to the endless trove of photoshopped images and exaggerated videos that hold the potential to plague our mental health over time?

We start paying attention.

Alexsandra Arlia
Alexsandra Arlia

Alexsandra is a recent Communication Arts graduate of St. John’s University. She is an avid writer, passionate about creating a life of helping people and making a change in the world.