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Don't wait until this summer to start that diet, eat better, or exercise, because then it will BE TOO LATE.

Get ready NOW, so you feel AMAZING when you put on that SWIMSUIT this Summer!

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    WHO AM I?

    My name is Lia Faherty and I am both a nutrition professor and certified health coach! I have been teaching nutrition for more than 8 years and personally health coaching for 4 of them! I have two degrees in chemistry and a certification in holistic health and nutrition from IIN.

    My specialty is combining both science and holistic practices to ensure my students and clients are successful in their personalized health programs and courses. I am really good at breaking down complicated health and science concepts into easy ways for people to understand and showing them how implement them into their lives for maximum (and fast!) results!!

    What took me over ten years of diet hopping and personal development to figure out on my own, my coaching programs and courses help people in only months. Because I know how frustrating it is to struggle with weight loss and health problems, while also juggling a demanding job and crazy family life.

    By combining science and proven holistic practices, I was finally able to overcome my own mental block, use science-backed tools and food advice that finally enabled me to get my health and weight in order, which gave me a new found confidence and success.

    My mission is to help everyone who feels as lost and as stuck in their weight and health progress as I once did. I will help you discover and overcome the hurdles that have been holding back your success. Thank you for finding me and I look forward to helping you!

    Warmly, Lia

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