New Year Transformation!

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A Health Group Coaching Program that will Give You a Year of Momentum and Confidence in Achieving Your Nutrition Goals!

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A program that will give you a year’s worth of confidence and motivation because your health and life goals are finally going to get dominated!

You will finally meet your nutrition goals. You will finally lose weight this year! You will finally gain control of your health this year! You will finally fix your digestion and improve your energy this year!

You will finally meet all your nutrition and healthy eating goals this year!!

Did you meet your health and nutrition goals In 2022? Chances are you did not!!! You probably lost motivation and allowed life to get in your way! How does that make you feel?!
Defeated, frustrated, ashamed?
Let’s not do that again!!

Because 90% Of New Year’s Resolutions Fail the First Month!

You Wasted Another Year

Another year went by and you are still unhealthy and unhappy and wishing things were different.

Keeping You Stuck and Frustrated

By giving up so early, you felt frustrated and ashamed that you didn’t complete what you wanted to do.

Giving Up Before You Even Start

Perhaps your goals seemed unattainable, too hard, and even scary. Failing before you even began. Change is hard, especially when it comes to eating healthier.

Taking Your Motivation Away

Motivation after the first few weeks disappears, which is the main reason why people fail. Then you end up going back to your old ways. But its these habits that are making you feel lousy, self-conscious, and defeated.

What if: Instead of failing your goals this year, you actually achieve them!

Support and Accountability

Instead of failing like everyone else, you will have the support and accountability to take you where everyone cannot and did not do on their own.

Plus a group of cheerleader’s doing it alongside you cheering you on the entire time! How fun its that!

Massive Health and Life Progress in only 2 months!

A lot of progress happens in only 2 months! Imagine how different and amazing you are going to feel come March!

During this program, together we will set actionable micro-goals to ensure progress in your personal resolutions

Momentum and Confidence for the Whole Year!

Since a major life transformation occurred in only 2 months, you now have the confidence and motivation to keep going for the rest of the year!

Your most Successful and Healthy Year Yet!

You did it! You conquered what 90% of people fail to do. You are your healthiest and fittest self.

You made healthy eating an easy part of your life.

In December, you will be able to look back and feel accomplished and proud because you did it!

This is the Year:

You look amazing. You feel amazing.

You feel lighter and fitter.

Healthy meals are a breeze to make.

You have the most self-confidence you ever had.

Your self-esteem is the highest its ever been.

Let me guide you!

My name is Lia and I am both a nutrition instructor and coach! I have been teaching nutrition for more than 8 years and personally health coaching for 4 of them! I have two degrees in chemistry and a certification in holistic health and nutrition from IIN.

I know how it feels to be super motivated at the start of the new year and have lots of amazing ideas and health goals. That wonderful and new feeling of its going to be the “best year ever!”

To then succumb to life’s challenges a few weeks in and where slowly old habits start to trickle back and by February, all my goals are out the window. Then the feeling of being ashamed and frustration appears. And that motivation never comes back again. So my goals never materialize only to “try again” next year.

That was the old me. The new me changed her mindset. The new me, knows exactly the steps to setting micro-goals, actionable items, and understands how to incorporate appropriate nutrition and health tools where instead of being the 90% that fail, I am in the 10% that succeed!! And I teach my clients to do the same.

That can be you too!! Let’s do this together and feel that sense of amazing accomplishment that you actually got your life and health back this year!! And its your best year yet!!

Do you want to stay stuck in the 90% with everyone else? Or enter the special 10% where dreams and goals are your new reality.

What my Clients Are Saying

“Lia helped me reignite my fire and working together was a wonderful push to help me make the best choices for myself in a time where it would have been really easy to just stay in bed all day and fall into unhealthy patterns..”

Amanda B.

“Her talent is listening and drawing out what is the best laid plan for you and executing the challenge of getting you there.”


Only 3 Easy Steps to Get Started!

1. Fill Out this Simple Form!

Fill out this form and in less than a min and you will be on your way!

2. Make a Plan!

Once Lia receives your form, she will personally contact you to help and discuss your amazing goals this year!

3. Attend!

Then all you need to do is attend the special coaching sessions and you are on your way to finally achieving results and feeling amazing this year!!

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Lia knows you only want to finally smash those new year’s resolutions. The problem is that you end up losing motivation and the lack of support keeps you from achieving your goals. And because life and hurdles will get in the way, you give up because “most resolutions fail” anyway.
In THIS SPECIAL NEW YEAR’S TRANSFORMATION Group Health Coaching Program, you are given the tools and support to actually succeed in the amazing resolutions you set out to achieve this year.
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A Special Health Group Coaching Program that will Give You a Year of Momentum and Confidence in Achieving Your Goals!

The Top 3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions will Fail (Forbes):
  1. You do not change your consciousness before your behavior. 100% of health changes begin with changing your mindset first. Its why people stay stuck, they never work on the root cause of the problems.
  2. No accountability to help you sustain change. Change is hard. You need someone who can help you when things get hard and to help you stay on the path.
  3. You are too scared to make changes. You might not feel worthy of change, or have some other hidden barriers which have been keeping you stuck in the same place.
Health Coaching Solves all THREE of these problems.
  1. By helping you discover the root causes of your unhealthy behaviors in order for real change to occur. Majority of coaching centers around fixing mindset. This is why health coaching works! Think about it: you know what you should and should not be eating/doing, but there is obviously a block holding you back (or else you would be where you want to be!). Heath coaching works to fix that block, so you finally see progress.
  2. Full accountability and support throughout the entire program. Outside support helps you see things from a different perspective. Support that keeps you motivated and excited to keep going when things get hard (because they will!) so to have someone in your corner will ensure you stay successful!
  3. Helps you overcome your fears and setbacks in a way that makes you feel safe and comforted. Change is hard. People hate change. Its just human nature. By working on your fears and helping your overcome them in a healthy, loving way is why you will finally smash your resolutions this year!
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This special Coaching Circle will be held bimonthly, on Saturday mornings at 10 am EST (via Zoom), starting January 14, 2023.

A new Circle Has Just Been Added! Quick sign up before it fills up!! It will be held bimonthly, on Saturday mornings at 10 am EST (via Zoom), starting February 4, 2023.

What you will receive.
  • Four 90 min- sessions via Zoom (or similar video conference system).
  • Sessions are held bimonthly for 2 months and are run by a certified health coach.
  • The group coaching circle starts and ends together.
  • Specific and targeted health, nutrition, mindset, and coaching topics are to be discussed related to your goals.
  • Everyone helps each other set actionable, but doable goals during each session to further health progress even faster.
  • Safe space to share and discuss private health issues (confidentially agreements signed from all parties).
  • Private group chat to stay connected between sessions for circle members and coach.
  • More information click here.

Price of Group Coaching: Pay in full $298 $387 (most popular), or 2 monthly payments of $149 $197 (Payments (and payment plans) are arranged after scheduling).