Learn how to just Eat – Mini Online Nutrition Course

Ready to jump in!

I am offering this 6-session course for a big discount. Normally, courses like this run for hundreds of dollars, so for the month of December, I am only offering it for $48!

I want you to have this information BEFORE the end of the year, so you can start 2021 with this amazing head start!

With this offer, you will be granted access to a Private Facebook Group, which will give you access to all the Live sessions, associated materials, and ability to discuss what you learned with everyone else!

In this Group you will receive
  • SIX-Live lectures, where you will be able to ask questions
  • Video playback during duration of course
  • Lecture notes for each topic
  • Food examples and food advice
  • Mini homework assignments that will allow you to apply what you learned
  • Live Discussions in a supportive and loving environment to share thoughts and ideas

Learn how to just Eat – Mini Online Course

Learn how to use Nutrition Science to INTUITIVELY Eat: A 2-week online course via a FB group that will help you learn to eat and get the benefits you want!


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