My name is Lia and I am a chemist and a holistic coach. I specialize in helping people achieve their health goals by using a combination of science and holistic practices. I have found that when people know exactly what their body is doing, how their body handles food, how every other aspect of their lives also impacts their bodies, it creates a ripple effect and confidence to be able to achieve success in both health and also life.

Personalized Coaching

In order to achieve the results my clients seek, I work closely with them to solve other individual health-related issues, such as digestion, inflammatory and autoimmune disease support, sleep, stress and anxiety management, weight loss, and also motivation and confidence.

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Every Wednesday Evening, I host Free Live Webinars for anyone to chat with me, and ask questions about a different topic each week!

Learn HOW to JUST EAT – A 2-week in-depth course in Nutrition Science

Learn how to eat MINDFULLY and PURPOSELY, using science and holistic concepts.
Finally understand the WHY and HOW nutrition is tied directly to your immunity, weight, digestion, sleep, stress, and so much more!